Its time for Voting for the projects you would like to improve Moodle on Moodle Association @moodleasoc #moodledev #MoodleAssociation

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Voting for the favorite topics, which you would like to be included in the Moodle core, has been started on Moodle Association and will continue till Monday, 14 March 2016.
You can also join Moodle Association and start voting for the projects which you believe can improve the overall Moodle user experience and help in developing the Moodle for the future.
Few of the projects which caught my attention are:

  • Add the progress bar block to the Moodle Core – Being one of most used blocks in Moodle course, progress bar helps you in managing time for you as a teacher as well as for your students.
  • Penalty points – Teacher should be able to subtract points (or percentage of max. note) of a work submitted late and / or of insufficient language quality.
  • Send Scheduled Messages – It will makes the posts to be scheduled at a later stage of time in future which can be used to provide information during holidays etc.
  • Add “Invisible” state for Activities & Resources – It is meant for having another state for activities apart from the current two – Visible and Hidden similar to the somewhat like orphaned activities state.
  • Package of plugins – This project takes over to have a new feature in Moodle Plugins ecosystem so that multiple plugins can be installed, updated and uninstalled as a single entity.
  • Activity level teams (“ephemeral groups”) – Project Based Learning often require teachers to ask students to group into temporarily small teams (“ephemeral groups”) that are only relevant for a short period of time and within the scope of an activity
  • Two factor authentication option – Option to have two step authentication system like Google Authenticator or FreeOTP at the user account level for users with site and course wide grade book edit access.
  • Expanded Badge Criteria – Allows awarding badges based on events criteria.
  • Activity Bulk Settings updater – Allow teachers to update common settings across activities and resources in a single location and in bulk.
  • Enrol courses (onto users) from within the user profile – functionality to search for a specific course from a users profile page and enrol that user upon the searched course
  • Lesson activity improvements – Improve the Lesson Activity by allowing it to leverage other activities and question bank items.
  • Course Sequencing – The ability to to create learning plans or sequences of courses that can have students or cohorts assigned to.
  • Easy Forum with advanced forum features like pinned posts etc.
  • Like Button
  • Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list – combining the two pages of Participants and  Enrolled Users into a single page.

What are the projects which you like to be added in the Moodle core? Do vote for the same here before 14 March 2016 on Moodle Association and helps Moodle getting best and prepared for the future.

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