LearnDash 3.0 Released, For Organizations That Put Content Before Learning

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The WordPress plugin that wants you to see it asa full-blown LMS has announced the launch of LearnDash 3.0, an update that aims to set “an entirely new standard for online courses.”

With this release, the company claims to have produced “most cutting-edge online course platform on the market across the entire e-learning industry.”

«LearnDash 3.0 (or LD3) is a fundamental shift in how online courses are both delivered and created. Long overdue for this industry in my opinion.» — Justin Ferriman, LearnDash Founder & CEO

New features in the latest version of LearnDash are hard to tell apart from the boisterous marketing copy, but they seem to include:

  • Redesign, courtesy of 3.7Designs, 10up and Escape Creative (documentation), all declared as “the best.”
  • A “Focus mode” that hides menus and side panels.
  • Color, font and logo customization.
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Simplified login
  • Settings menu and options reorganized
  • Drag-and-drop course creation tool
  • Question Bank
  • “LearnDash Bootcamp,” a video playlist on how to use the plugin. See featured video . Also, documentation.

If you are available existing user, activate the new layout on the settings page. And if you’re a WordPress user, LearnDash may not work with your current theme or may be incompatible with other WP plugins.

When to use LearnDash

  • If you want to emphasis the learning component of your online content presence.
  • If you want to test key elements of your “Learning Value Proposition”
  • If you are a want to demo an LMS before jumping into the production of an actual one.

When not to use LearnDash

  • When you’re an actual school, university, college or learning organization.
  • When you do not have a properly developer Value Proposition based on learning or increasing your visitors skills.
  • When your site isn’t running on WordPress.

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