LMS Data Updates – Spring 2016 : Moodle share drops by 1.5% #Moodle

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Edutechnica have shared the LMS data updates for Spring 2016 which shows a considerable drop in the share of Blackboard and Moodle with Canvas almost standing at a constant market share.
The report also considers the fact that BlackBoard has launched Learn SaaS/Ultra, ANGEL reaching its End-Of-Life in October and Pearson exiting from the LMS space.
Canvas has taken a commanding second position to BlackBoard Learn based on the student enrollments whereas Moodle remains the second most popular LMS based on the number of Institutions.LMS Data Spring 2016 updatesIn the previous report the market share of Moodle based on the number of institutions was standing at 20.6% which is now reduced to 19.1% with a drop in the student enrollment number also from 2,851,858 to 2,814,273 based on this previous report.
You can check out the complete report here and even buy the complete dataset for a fee through this link.
What’s your view about the dipping market share of Moodle and Blackboard? What can be done in order to improve the market share? Do let us know in the comments below.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jaswinder – George from the Edutechnica team here. Thank you for your coverage! We sincerely appreciate it. I just wanted to clarify one point about these numbers. Last Fall’s market share was calculated out of all schools with greater than 700 FTE students (about 3300 schools). This Spring’s is calculated out of all schools with greater than 500 FTE students (just over 3700 schools). I’d hesitate to say that this difference indicates a significant change or shift in Moodle preferences. Rather, it’s just a more accurate measurement of the current state. You will see that the number of total enrollments did drop slightly due to some medium-sized Moodle schools switching LMSs (mainly to Canvas), but Moodle remains a top preference overall, especially among smaller schools, and we see no indications that this will change anytime soon. In fact, the latest versions of Moodle are looking better than ever. 🙂 The largest risk I see is institutional dissatisfaction with some of the existing Moodle hosting providers which may lead some colleges to seek other options including other Moodle hosting providers and other LMSs.

  2. Hi George,
    First of all thank you very much for pointing out my error. I really apologize for misinterpretation of the data and will take care in my future posts.

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