LMS Market Share Update: Moodle Marketshare Slips But Holds A Steady Second Place

LMS Market Share Update: Moodle Hangs On In Increasing Saturation, Gets Ahold Of Key Markets

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EdTech Talk and Analysis portal Edutechnica recently released their 4th annual study of LMS (Learning Management System) use in the US, Australia, Canada and the UKEdutechnica focuses on higher education, as listed in the DoE (Department of Education)’s IPEDS study. DoE has made an effort to filter the LMS used in select cases or trial basis, to better reflect quotidian use cases. Confirmation of findings has been sought on social media, press releases, school and college news outlets and other posts and records.
Many institutions that were included in last year’s survey are no longer functioning, which admittedlyhas disproportionally impacted smaller and for-profit institutions. In what the study calls “zombie cases“, some LMS installations remain active even though the institution to which it belongs does not.
According to their sample, 33.5% of institutions surveyed use Blackboard Learn, about twice the number of Moodle (19.4%). The third player is Canvas, with 17.1%. No other LMS has market share in double digits.
Regarding enrollments, Canvas supersedes Moodle, with 23.9% versus 16.5%. Blackboard is unquestionable leader with 45.1% of total enrollments. Desire2Learn (D2L), in fourth place, accounts for 13.6%.
The study suggests industry consolidation is continuing around the four LMS mentioned: Blackboard Learn, Canvas, D2L and Moodle. It claims new clients look for bundled solutions that provide cloud-based SaaS. It notes that some schools have more than one LMS in place, but those are taking part in a consolidation phase and will eventually settle on one.
Regarding Moodle, the study recognizes its place in the LMS arena, particularly among smaller colleges. Interestingly enough, Moodle is the top choice for institutions with LMS versions that no longer provide support. Thirteen percent of sampled institutions ran Moodle 2.6 or older.
The study acknowledges the role of Baltimore-based, Certified Moodle Partner eThink Education, claiming to grab customers from Blackboard’s Moodlerooms.
On a country basis, the study finds Moodle’s dominance in the UK and Canada paradoxical, as not in Australia, its hometown. D2L dominates down under instead. Canvas is growing in the UK. Sakai fades in Australia but tops the US, where Canvas and Moodle have a disputed ground.
Summarizing: as competition becomes more saturated, Moodle loses ground slightly in large installations, and gains ground in smaller ones. Blackboard has been gaining ground by means of acquisitions. Canvas surpassed Moodle in 2015, but no other player has increased their share, signaling market consolidation between Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard.


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