Looking To Become An Advanced Moodler? Join This Moodle Peer Tutoring Experiment

Looking To Become An Advanced Moodler? Join This Moodle Peer Tutoring Experiment

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The official Moodle OER (Open Educational Resources) repository at gives you access to a ton of resources for free.

For example, check out:

  • complete courses to make your own, into your personal or institutional Moodle site,
  • interactive activities, lessons and games,
  • user tours,
  • competency frameworks

and more. Thanks to its openness, it is also a “hub” for interaction and collaboration. In fact, OER is looking for your participation right now.

This is the premise of the “Peer class on advanced Moodle”, which is perhaps a course only as a technicality. Belgian Moodler Jurgen Gaeremyn devised this special class, for fellow Moodlers who know their way around the LMS and want to contribute at least some part of what they expect to gain from the course.

Under the premise that “the best way to learn is by figuring out stuff, getting stuck and asking for help, explaining things to others”, Gaeremyn has developed the course and place it on a free MoodleCloud site. Aspiring students will not find a classic course format once they enroll, but the following rules:

  1. By enrolling, they are committing to develop and “own” a course section, related to an advanced Moodle topic.
  2. The whole course will roll out as “peer tutoring” – similar to a reading club when you were at uni. Each user will study a topic and explain it to the rest.
  3. Questions are solved as a team.

Join the “Peer class on advanced Moodle” course at Gaeremyn’s MoodleCloud site.

For more information on MoodleCloud, go here.

To access the full offering of the Moodle OER, visit or


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