Moodle Community Feedback Required – Improvements in Assessment Workshop activity #moodle

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Moodle Workshop activity is the best powerful peer assessment activity. The students participating in the workshop activity submit their own assigned work and then given the task to assess the other’s students work based on the teacher’s specifications. It is primarily a student focused activity. But the workshop activity has its own big learning curve and it may be pretty difficult to use the workshop activity first time.
Serge Gauthier, from Université de Montréal, figured out the steep learning curve for the workshop activity in Moodle and came up with a new Assessment Workshop activity. Similar to the Moodle core workshop activity, the new Assessment Workshop activity is for both self-assessment and peer-assessment pedagogical approaches.
Moodle Community Feedback Required - Improvements in Assessment Workshop activity #moodle

Major Improvements in Workshop activity:

The major changes introduced in the new Assessment workshop activity are:

  1. Wizard – Guides the teacher in setting up the workshop activity and shows him at each step what should be done.
  2. Pairing students – In Moodle’s core workshop activity, the teacher pairs the students for the assessment in Submission phase. However, in the new activity it is possible to pair students right from the setup phase.
  3. Allowing work submission – Now you can give the option to assess on something different than a submitted work; oral presentation for example.
  4. Allowing the students to evaluate the assignment of others, while they have not submitted their own work yet.
  5. Allowing students to assess without waiting for the phase changes – With the improved workshop activity, the students do not have to wait till all works are submitted. 
  6. Anonymous evaluation
  7. Teacher’s view of different phases of the Workshop activity – This view facilitates from the usability perspective to follow the different phases in the Workshop activity.
  8. Student’s view of different stages of the Workshop activity – The new clear and intuitive interface will make it more clear for students to do exactly what is asked of them.

If you are interested in Assessment Workshop activity, then you can take a demo of it through Also share your detailed and valuable/constructive feedback to suggest further improvements.
Check out the discussion about the Assessment workshop activity here –
Have you ever faced problems in setting up Workshop activity in Moodle? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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