Moodle Course Repository and @josephthibault shameless self-promotion

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It’s obvious that Moodle holds a place near and dear to my heart.  That being said, a project proposal I submitted to the Talis Incubator in the UK was recently listed as a finalist for their grant/angel funding program.

About the program:

Through the Incubator project, Talis is providing Angel Funding and support for projects that further Open Education. The review board has been working through the various proposals, and we are happy to announce 8 finalists.

My project:

Moodle Course Repository – Joseph Thibault and his team comprising freelance developers and local software companies plans to build a repository of every Moodle site ever made. Moodle is an Open Source Virtual Learning Environment with over 33 million users, and Joseph and his team would create a Moodle module which would allow course creators to easily open up their content, turning them from “closed” learning courses into open education resources which can be used much more widely. The Team behind this course repository would also ensure no personal data would be opened (such as user information), so that the resources could be shared safely.

A worthy project regardless of funding.  My friend and colleague (and web-guru), Sean Behan and I have been dreaming this up since we met.  Let us know if you want to help.

3 Responses

  1. Congrats on being in the running! I’m curious about how this would work. How is it different than what Tomaz Lasic is doing with the Moodle Recipes for Educators on Teaching and Learning with Moodle? It seems to me the answer to my question is: Lasic’s Recipe book is for activities or resource presentations within a course, and you’ll be archiving ‘whole courses.’

    Our district, Minneapolis Public Schools, is working on a project to pay teachers to create MPS specific courses. Will I be able to download a course from your site and tweak it a bit to fit the requirements of my target grade level here in Mpls and then upload it to the MPS and get paid for doing that, presumably, anyway?

    I think the plan makes sense, but another question: what constitutes a whole course, or don’t you care? – you’ll just take what you get without judgment or evaluation or editing and archive it, tagged and categorized?

    That makes me think that there will be a ‘market,’I think, for good Moodle courses. At some point, for instance, I’ll become trusted as creator of good lessons for 3rd and 4th graders in science, for instance, and people will start looking for my stuff on your site and send me bouquets on my Facebook page and my district will pay me for adding value to community. That would be a pay for performance that I could get behind.

    That also allows people who know how to access a Moodle course and have the necessary role privileges to browse my student’s work to make some evaluations about how I’m teaching. That would certainly be an improvement, at least, on the dropping in for 30 minutes with a clipboard and trying to figure out what’s going on without actually destroying the learning that might have been going on before the administrator showed up.

    Is this the direction you’re headed?

  2. Is this similar to Promethean Planet having a “submit your flipchart” button in the menu of their application? As a community minded collaborative creator, I would LOVE to help you and Sean with this resource repository idea. Count me in! What can I do?

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