Moodle Liberal Arts Edition 3.4.1, 3.3.4, 3.2.7, 3.1.10 Available By CLAMP

Moodle Liberal Arts Edition 3.4.1, 3.3.4, 3.2.7, 3.1.10 Available By CLAMP

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CLAMP, the North American, Moodle-supportive, liberal arts colleges collective, has announced the release of four minor upgrades to its staple Moodle LAE (Liberal Arts Edition). As usual, they follow the release of official Moodle releases, including security upgrades.

It is the first release of Moodle LAE for the 3.4 release, meaning users can now have a liberal arts flavor and new features such as the expanded navigation options, the revamped calendar, and the unified user management panel. On January 19, CLAMP held its “Winter Hack/Doc Fest,” where engineers and IT administrators from the CLAMP member colleges met to evaluate Moodle 3.4, among other things.

Download LAE 14.0.0 for Moodle 3.4.1 here.

Moodle LAE 3.3.10 includes updates to CLAMP-authored plugins CLAMPMail and Roster.

Download LAE 13.0.4 for Moodle 3.3.4 here.

Moodle LAE for 3.1 and 3.2 are maintenance-only releases.

Download Moodle LAE 12.0.6 for Moodle 3.2.7 here.

Download Moodle LAE 11.0.10 for Moodle 3.1.10 here.

The latest updates to Moodle LAE are available thanks to CLAMP college members Charles Fulton of Lafayette and Hampshire’s Kevin Wiliarty.

Update “New Moodle LAE Releases for 3.1.10, 3.2.7, 3.3.4, 3.4.1” at

Update “Hack/Doc at Centre College” at

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