Moodle named most popular LMS for 3rd consecutive time

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Capterra, a site to learn more about different software programs, has published its third update to the “Top 20 Most Popular LMS Software” lists this past June and Moodle is once again at the top. The rankings are determined by a weighted score that includes measurement of total users, number of customers, social presence and vendor size.

Social presence and customers play a huge role in the rankings which helps to put Edmodo in the #2 spot above players like Blackboard, Desire2learn, Instructure, Schoology, Sakai and others. ConnectEdu a k12 and higher ed services company (known for their product Epsilen) comes in at number 3, Blackboard at 4, and SumTotal Systems (HR and talent management) is at 5th.

While all lists are imperfect depending on your perspective, the use of total users and customers helps (though is likely flawed in Moodle’s case unless you count every customer from every Moodle Partner and ever self-hosted company which surely raises their total). One metric that I’d love to see included is the size and activity level of the community support site ( In my experience evaluating software including Canvas, Schoology, Edmodo and others and being a user of Blackboard the Moodle Community resources are unmatched.

Interested in the full ranking for June 2014? Check it out here:

See each snapshot (including the numbers that contribute to the ranking) since 2012 below. It’s interesting to see the rate and amount in which Moodle has grown (in social presence, note that customers/users aren’t updated from Jan to June).

Hat tip for first unearthing the ranking.

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