Moodle Ranks 27 And 11 In C4LPT 2016 Learning And Education Rankings

Moodle Ranks 27 And 11 In C4LPT 2016 Learning And Education Rankings

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Jane Hart, founder of The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies recently released he global list, “Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016.” The list is the result of 1,238 contributions from teachers, instructors and industry professionals from all the life cycle of educational offerings. As she summarizes, the list is full of web-based, free technologies. Moodle ranks 27 in the global list, the best and one of the few Open Source considered.

In the sub-list “Top 100 Tools for Education“, use by K-12 institutions, colleges and universities weights more than in the larger list. Ranking 11, Moodle is the first LMS and the third learning-focused technology. The bit of analysis provided by Hart reads:

«[Moodle] has been on the list for a long time and has plenty of fans, although there are some who think it is now showing its age.»

Other LMS in the Education ranking are (position in the global ranking in parenthesis):

  • Canvas: 48 (67)
  • Google Classroom: 52 (80)
  • Edmodo: 58 (86)
  • Blackboard: 64 (99)
  • Desire2Learn: 67 (108)
  • Sakai: 88 (131)
  • Totara: Not Ranked (133)

The validity of Hart’s exercise is up to you, the reader. I will only highlight some facts about this list to better inform your choices.

  • Twitter had been chosen as the top tool across the board for 7 years, until 2015.
  • Hart suggests the decline of social media in the ranks can be attributed to their “growing commercialization“.
  • It claims that the primary smart device of choice in education is the iPad.
  • No details on methodology are available or C4LPT or at the time of writing.

All the only ten “Education” tools above Moodle are:

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Docs & Google Drive
  3. PowerPoint
  4. Google (Search Engine)
  5. Twitter
  6. Dropbox
  7. Prezi
  8. Kahoot
  9. Powntoon
  10. Microsoft Word


What do you think of this rankings, and rankings in general? Spark the conversation in the comments.


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