@Moodlerooms Seeks Additional $1.5 in funding

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As partners and use of Moodle proliferate around the world, one Moodle partner and start-up is lengthening its runway and raising additional financing (1.5 million this 3rd round) according to a Baltimore Sun article.  As it grows to compete with the LMS giants (Blackboard namely) it has been snapping up colleges and university systems around the US into multi-year contracts for its POWER and joule platforms (hosted solutions only) and transition expertise.

Moodlerooms made start-up/investment headlines last year when it raised nearly 8 million dollars in two rounds of investment.

Read more at the Balitmore Sun BaltTech blog or in their archives.

Full disclosure: I’m now a Baltimore resident and my company, StraighterLine is now a client of the ETC tech incubator which Moodlerooms got it’s start in.  It’s great to see local businesses doing well and improving the local economy.  Now if we could just get a win from the O’s…

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  1. Great to hear Moodlerooms is looking forward to growth. It was nice to have the Orioles come to Oakland this week to make us feel better about our team 😉

  2. Business Users: beware of using Moodlerooms for your learning content management system (LCMS) needs.

    Moodlerooms may be great for educational institutions since that this their main focus, but they are absolutely not ready to compete with Learning Content Management Systems who serve businesses.

    It is cumbersome to make the user interface look professional, and there is simply a lack of user friendly options to choose from. All of the language built into the system is for schools (not businesses). When help is needed, the support provided by Moodlerooms has been horrific. A typical support call ends up with the support person asking you to “read the manual”. Thanks but no thanks!

    Moodlerooms should stick to schools until they have worked all of the kinks out with BETA business clients.

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