Mouth-Watering Updates To Nex-Gen Moodle Content Designer H5P

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HTML5-based interactive content standard H5P is still very much an “up and coming” technology. But the developers, designers and instructors who discover it quickly adopt it, advocate and contribute because it enhances their teaching experiences and is incredibly easy to use.

Not entirely new, H5P was developed in 2012 through an initiative by the National Digital Learning Arena of the Norwegian government. It is always heartwarming to witness the sprout of an Open Source community. Recently a blog post at revealed some of the redesigns in the H5P online editor that are now available for “Moodlers” and others.

Regarding Moodle, here are some of the updates and fixes:

  • Transmission of grade and completion records from H5P to Moodle improved. A bug was fixed that deleted the information.
  • Issues with the Moodle Gradebook API fixed.
  • H5P icon in Moodle fixed.
  • Fixes for issues in Moodle when it runs with an Oracle database.
  • General updates to support new versions of Moodle, up to 3.2.
  • Documentation in the README file from GitHub updated.

Read the complete upgrades of the H5P editor here.

Read our previous coverage on H5P, features and functionality.

For more on H5P for Moodle, visit


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