@Netspot Announces $200,000 in funding for Moodle

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Here’s a great announcement from the Moot that just ended in Austrailia (,

NetSpot announced a $200,000 eLearning Innovation Fund today at the annual Moodle Conference in Sydney in front of over 500 delegates… The funding is intended to provide longevity and a viable distribution and support model for emerging eLearning innovations which have demonstrated relevance and acceptance within the Higher Education sector.

In recent years, various funding sources have stimulated the creation of many innovative services or products in the eLearning space. In the university setting, most funding for these eLearning initiatives is project based and in the vast majority of cases, innovations are not sustained when the funding is removed. There are clear benefits to framing these activities within existing systems such as Moodle which can provide a degree of commercial scaffolding such as product distribution, professional services and ongoing development frameworks.

The funding that will be made available by NetSpot, one of the largest official Moodle Partners in the world, will be used to incorporate selected technologies into Moodle through integrations, or within the Moodle core code, with the aim of sustainability via the Moodle ecosystem.

NetSpot Managing Director, Allan Christie believes the time is right for this kind of collaboration between industry and education:

“eLearning has been a passion of mine for 25 years and I am delighted that NetSpot has grown to the point that it is able to support innovations in the Higher Education setting that will provide sustainable benefits for all.”

The NetSpot Innovation Fund will provide an annual funding round with successful applicants selected by a panel made up of members of key professional bodies and NetSpot.

Read the full release at Stay tuned for when the first funding round is announced.

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