New Quiz features coming in Moodle 2.9

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Among the new features coming in the Moodle 2.9 version, there are a lot of small changes in the quiz engine also. The maintainer of the Moodle Quiz Module and Question Bank, Tim Hunt posted some of the new features of the Moodle’s Quiz module coming in Moodle 2.9 which we covered in this post.
Other new features which are integrated before the code freeze includes:
Repeating a question in-situ- MDL-40992: This feature is intended for quizzes that help students practice a skill and learn it. Also, you need to be using a setting for How questions behave where questoins can finish during the attempt. So, Interactive with multiple tries, Immediate feedback, or Immediate feedback with CBM.
If you turn this on, then during the attempt, once the student has finished one question, they get a ‘Redo question’ button, and when they click it, they get to replace that question in their quiz attempt with a different random question.
Breaking up a quiz into section– MDL-40988: At the moment, in the quiz navigation, all the questions are shown in one big block. That gets pretty unmanagable for big quizzes.
We want to provide a way for teacher to add section headings to the quiz. These would be used to break up the navigation (and for nothing else).
Section headings will be independent of ‘Descriptions’ and page breaks.
For complete details. please check out the forum thread:

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