One Of These 10 Project Will Shape Moodle 4 — Check Out The MUA Development Cycle Candidates

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Preliminary voting is underway until Sunday, September 15, for the following projects in the current Moodle Users Association (MUA) Development Cycle. Twice a month, the members join by promoting their projects and after a series of voting, technical and feasibility evaluations, a winner is guaranteed to become a feature in an upcoming release of Moodle.

This year, as a token of commitment, the Cycle rebranded itself in accordance to the release for which the project was targeted. The project chosen in the current cycle is expected to ship in Moodle 4.0, scheduled for November or December 2020.

Usually, after a first round of voting, 10 projects pass to the technical evaluation stage. The evaluation, which includes financial feasibility, is done by Moodle HQ. They produce a shortlist for final voting. The projects remain available and open in the Moodle Tracker, and anyone is welcome to contribute to them even if they are not chosen.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the 12 contenders. In the first voting round, 10 will be selected for technical and financial feasibility evaluation.

  • Focus on the Gradebook. It seeks to address “some long-standing pain points” in the grading experience, including workflow, automation and override capabilities. MDL-66567
  • Provide an access rule and secure layout for the assignment activity. This would increase security measures for the Assignment activity when users must complete it in a controlled examination environment. MDL-66566
  • Make Moodle group messaging practical for teachers and students. Increase the features of the new Moodle Messaging interface, to provide further control to teachers across students and groups. MDL-66562
  • Add @Mentions to Forum and Messaging. Common feature in most productivity and social media apps, used to involve a specific user or catch their attention. MDL-66529
  • Double Marking of Assignments. This allows the same assessment activity to be marked by different evaluators. The resulting grade would be a direct or weighted average. MDL-64118
  • Provide a built-in “Download all …“ routine in core and address it for a functionality for students (and more). A simple click would enable a student to download a semester worth of materials. MDL-63270
  • Display new forum posts indicator on dashboard. A simple icon with the number of new or unread items since the user’s last visit. MDL-64918
  • Easy configuration of “Extra restrictions on attempts” for quizzes. Currently and admin can restrict Quiz attempts by IP. This project would make it easier for teachers to select appropriate IP addresses. MDL-64945
  • ChemJax V2: Adding the Chemistry filter ChemJax to Moodle core filters (Moodle Association of Japan Best Innovations Winner 2017 & 2018). The perfect gift for the Open EdTech Chemists out there in the International Year of the Periodic Table. MDL-61558
  • Overwrite standard Moodle mod icons. Make it easier to do away with the Moodle standard icon set. MDL-64952
  • Better “Each attempt builds on last” quizzes. Simplify the way in which students can correct only the quiz items they have not answered successfully. MDL-66303
  • Allow Moodle to import content from textbook publishers (Upgrade IMS-CC to support v1.2 and v1.3). It upgrades Moodle up to the latest version of the IMS Common Cartridge standard. MDL-60803

The final voting round will end on December 19, 2019.

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