Our Top Moodle Stories Of 2018, Featuring: H5P, Course Formats, GDPR, MoodleRooms, Behavioral Psychology, And Themes, Themes, Themes!

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What a year it was in the Moodleverse! Alliances cracked and others coalesce. Some stars faded, while other skyrocketed in a flash. People’s hopes have strengthened or swayed, which in the open source sphere is all that keeps tech from overarching success.

Most viewed stories of 2018

#10 Interact More With H5P! Check Out A Scoop Of Upcoming Features For Moodle

Speaking of layers that added great value to Moodle, to the point of potentially driving significant growth to it or other LMS, the open source interactive standard thrusted ahead. Coming up, more refinements, functionality, premium services and the rise of professional H5P solutions around the world.

Our H5P coverage


#9 Create Awesome course layouts using these Top 11 Moodle course formats

Despite the massive adoption of Moodle, it seems most users know little more than the “Weekly” or “Topics” walls the LMS is shipped in. In reality, trying out a new format for Moodle represents a high re-engagement potential, as the popularity of this story suggests.

Our Course Formats coverage


#8 Moodle 3.6 Ready For Download! Enjoy 8 Main Features Including Better Privacy, Snappier Interface, Group Messaging And More

The small hiccup that led to the prompt correction that was Moodle 3.6.1 should not undermine the many achievements of the latest major release. Better performance, enhanced controls and modern functionality will make Moodle stand the many challenges ahead.

Here’s how we followed the development of Moodle 3.6 until its release


#7 9 Answers That Will Be Buried With Moodlerooms As Moodle And Blackboard End Long Standing Partnership

The end of an era. Long live Blackboard Open LMS!

Moodlerooms, in memoriam (2009-2018)


#6 Moodle Complies With Europe’s GDPR: What You Need To Know

Moodle showed unmatched leadership in embracing GDPR, not only out of compliance fears, but in the spirit of the law. Healthy data and privacy protection practices, better management and oversight tools, and ensuring the needs and concerns of users are met, should be a more common occurrence not only in Moodle.

GDPR Watch


#5 reCAPTCHA v2: How To Update The Defenses Of Your Moodle Site Against Unwanted Robots

There is something fundamentally broken in how information is treated, used and protected. We cease our year and the headlines varying from threats and exploits, to outright malicious and hopefully criminally liable practices by big tech, will have not. The whole cybersecurity spectrum, from the user to the infrastructure, is a must-see development for 2019.



#4 How to upload PowerPoint files in your Moodle Course?

But despite the business and the pile of breaking news, our readers did not relent on their spirit of learning and self-advancement. Tips, How-Tos and Tutorials are a staple. Will a “supercharge” be due for 2019?

Moodle Practice


#3 The Best Moodle Theme Of The Year Continues To Dazzle In 2018

It’s impossible to dislike Chris Kenniburg and the stupendous work of the Dearborn Technology team which he leads. Advances and innovations in Moodle happen everywhere, but few boast the quality, impact and reach of “Fordson” theme, the true “community-responsive” theme.

The MoodleMoot Experience Inspires New Ideas for the ‘Fordson’ Theme

Can’t get enough of “Forsdon”


#2 The Top Moodle Themes Of 2018, First Cut

We set the stage for the finall year tally. When we last checked, “Fordson” had been dethroned by old themes with new soul: “Square,” “Moove” and “Shoelace.” But in a way, this has been the year of custom and premium themes. Will the likes of “Edwiser RemUI” or eCreators “Learnbook” show overpowering appeal in the second half of 2018?

Every Theme we reviewed in 2018


#1 How To Install Sans Forgetica, The Font Backed By Cognitive Psychology To Up Retention, In Moodle

Teachers, or at least those who read us, consistently reveal their interest to inform their practice

Follow our Evidence-Based EdTech Labs series

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