Paradiso Solutions Introduces Totara Multi Tenancy

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Paradiso Solutions recently announced multitenancy for Totara LMS through a press release and blog. What is multitenancy? In short, Multitenancy is using 1 single site to provide a unique experience and branding to multiple clients who are using it by keeping brand, users and information distinct (though the underlying infrastructure is singular). Read more about it on the Paradiso Solutions blog here or check out the Prezi below [direct link:]

Read the full press release here:

The leading provider of eLearning technologies, Paradiso Solutions, is happy to announce the release of its new product to the market, Totara Multi Tenancy, specially developed for the corporate sector. The ambitious project started a few months ago when our clients expressed the need of unifying a wide array of organizations into a single Totara instance.

With this cost effective eLearning solution, Paradiso aims to provide a robust LMS where companies can have multiple clients, vendors, or partners within their eLearning platform. Allowing for separation of users, themes, administration roles, workflow and learning plans while saving money and time.

“Just as all our solutions, Totara Multi-Tenant is fully customizable. We wanted to take the existing Totara features such as hierarchies, programs and user frameworks to the next level and pleased our clients’ need of having specific settings for each tenant” states David Quinn, Senior Project Manager and person in charge of the project.

Some of Totara Multi Tenancy features are: Single Sign On (SSO), admin roles, permissions, themes, and reports. Also, people are empowered to choose whether to use Totara Multi Tenancy feature or to keep one Totara instance with its default features.

Note: Paradiso is a supporter of Moodlenews and the Moodlenews Weekly Newsletter as is TotaraLMS.

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