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In the last two days, few more jobs have been added to the Moodle Jobs database which may be helpful to you for some extra earning. Do check out these jobs in the Moodle Jobs database (Clicking the link will open the individual job in new tab).

  • Moodle – Oracle Integration: Looking for an Enterprise able to connect Moodle 2.7 with Campus Solution PeopleSoft. Integration must give Moodle data about Category, Course and Group for every student and teacher from Campus PeopleSoft. Job must be done by July 2015.
  • Developer: As a education supporter, we are looking for a company or freelancer to develop online learning site.
    • Availability & Requirement:
      • Using plugin, develop interactive activity functions (Drag and drop questions…etc)
      • Good understanding of Javascript(or JQuery), HTML, CSS and PHP skills to modify moodle platform.
      • A good time keeper
      • Knowledge and/or experience of Uni/Tafe study 
    • Type: Contract
    • Location: Australia
  • Moodle developer / support consultant: We require a freelancer/developer with Moodle experience to develop blocks/plugins/themes for a custom website, as well as oversee regular maintenance work. Additionally, this person will be on call for certain hours to provide technical support to students taking the course. Prior experience developing custom blocks and plugins preferred. Please email vichi.jagannathan [at] gmail [dot] com for more details.
  • Education Technology Assistant: This is an exciting opportunity to work with the Educational Technologist and to be mainly responsible for maintaining the current School of Clinical Medicine’s VLE (based on Moodle) and providing support to staff and students in its usage. They will also help the Educational Technologist to create a new VLE for a revised clinical programme, which will be implemented in September 2015, as well as helping to create educational resources that will be held within both VLEs.  The closing date for this vacancy is Sunday 19th April 2015.

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