Remove Ads from your MoodleCloud Site for just AUD 5/month #MoodleCloud

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MoodleCloud is a free hosting solution by Moodle HQ for users with smaller needs and low or zero budgets for whom full paid hosting is not an option.
It is also very helpful for new beginners in the Moodle World to get them accustomed with the Moodle without indulging in the technical aspects of it because not all teachers are IT experts, and not all of them will learn how to install open source software on a server or manage the complexities of upgrades and maintenance.
But it comes with certain limitations:

  • 50 users maximum.
  • 200Mb disk space
  • Core themes and plugins only
  • One site per phone number
  • Advertisement in footer of each page


Now Moodle HQ has announced that if you don’t like to see advertisement on your MoodleCloud Site then you can opt for a paid plan for as low as AUD 5/month. It will hide the advertisement from students view only but Admins and teachers may still see announcements related to Moodle services.

If you are also a new user in the Moodle World then you can start using Moodle by creating a site on MoodleCloud. Click here to get your MoodleCloud Site.

Do let us know about your experience with teaching with a Free MoodleCloud site in the comments below.

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