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Edited on April 14, 2019.

The latest article by the Apereo Foundation Board reads like a case study. Also, as a promotion for the benefits of Open Source, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in particular. And given the recent troubles of Apereo’s flagship LMS Sakai, it also read as an attempt for relevance.

“The Value of Open Source Software for Education” has good intentions. But it will be hard to influence anyone. It uses the example of how New York University implemented the LMS to draw general conclusions about Sakai’s user experience. It extrapolates facts to pretend every user can enjoy what the NYU has.

And for our context, it might be glossing over a basic question. Why Sakai, if Moodle is superior at the technology, user volume and market levels?

Sakai, why?

At a fraction of Moodle’s userbase, US-based Sakai’s reported 4 million global user figure is still the envy of many. Some estimates place it as high as the fifth most popular LMS worldwide by installations.

Imagine as if Moodle was run by the Moodle Users Association and its members represented who their biggest users really were. Whereas Institutions can switch in and out of Moodle to minimal effect to the system’s development roadmap, Sakai’s experience is more directly related to the organizations involved. Generally speaking, Sakai’s features reflect users’ needs more faithfully, as Moodle juggles commercial and idiosyncratic considerations at the time of setting development priorities.

Sakai’s high involvement demands can be off-putting. It takes more involvement, but too much of it has shown to hinder its development and split the community. The long-term rewards could be more fulfilling, but they are by no means guaranteed. Commercial vendors can provide support, in a history riddled with unfortunate episodes. A couple of dramatic outages were not Sakai’s responsibility but dented its reputation.

Apereo has a list of Commercial Affiliates. A leader at one of the US Moodle Partners, formerly close to Sakai, laments the limited scope of the initiative. To date 11 affiliates offer Apereo’s technologies. 7 of them provide support to Sakai. Moodle’s program, by no means perfect, is beyond the 90-member mark from all continents.

Sakai Project, Sakai Foundation, and onto the Apereo Communities

In 2004, 5 US-based universities pooled into a digital knowledge and resource-sharing effort. 2 FOSS advocacy groups, including the Open Knowledge Initiative and Jasig, joined in. An $8 million USD grant allowed the project to carry on. A year later, Sakai 1.0 was ready.

For some reason, Sakai was named after Hiroyuki Sakai (right), from Japanese TV show Iron Chef.

Membership expanded fast. In 2009, An unhappy faction set out to build the coming release, Sakai 3, from scratch. Now named Apereo Open Academic Environment, it never satisfied the core community. “Old school” Sakai remained the more active, if hampered. But development picked up. In 2013, Sakai merged with Jasig, giving birth to the Apereo Foundation.

In 2018, the last remaining founder, Georgia Tech, left Sakai. All five currently run Canvas LMS. The Apereo Foundation houses Sakai CLE (the original), Apereo OAE, and other projects.

Sakai 19

Early in April, two roadmaps converged into Sakai 19. It replaced the more popular Sakai 12 series, started just last August. It brings a host of popular features not found on other LMS:

  • A “Welcome Empty State” for the Gradebook
  • Bulk file download
  • Automatic scaling after point-value editing
  • “Soft” and “Hard” delete of assignments on record
  • Visual indicators for score dropping, per categories
  • Display maximum possible points attainable

A last notable update is the LTI Advantage Certification. It enables the LMS to interact with LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compliant applications. They can exchange data, functions and interfaces. Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard already support it.

Why choose Sakai?

The experience of NYU with Sakai is one of the most closest to the ideal. Which is to say, not very representative. However, this and other parts of the Apereo Foundation statement help bring some facts to light.

  • An investment in Sakai goes almost entirely to its ongoing development. This compared to increasing marketing efforts by Moodle and Partners. Canvas LMS spends not more than 25% of revenues in the technology.
  • The Apereo Foundation is a non-profit with transparent governance and financials. Moodle is a private organization. As a public company, we know more about Canvas LMS health than Moodle Pty Ltd.
  • Joining Sakai is an invitation to engage in long-spanning conversations about the future of tech-aided learning. An ongoing subject of recent time is the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE).

Interested in trying out Sakai?

Read more: “The Value of Open Source Software for Education”

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  1. As an institution that’s been using Sakai has a platform for well over 5 years we’ve been impressed with how the platform continues to grow and develop. We’re also very glad to be providing better assistance to our students by investing our effort and resources saved by using Sakai as a platform into other additional infrastructure to support more students. We’ve even been noted for having top online programs for multiple years – all run through Sakai, which we host off site. Too many users feel that Sakai is trying to compete with other LMS platforms, when really it takes the direct input of users to develop and enhance a platform to help students – and universities meet with success. On the other hand, I’d also question how much student debt is going to Canvas’ coffers, as Ian Dolphin alluded to at the Open Apereo 2019 Conference earlier this year (

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