Secure your Moodle credentials using the Latch plugin for Moodle @ElevenPaths #Moodle

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Online credentials theft is moving towards more sophisticated methods which is making it increasingly difficult for users and companies to protect themselves. So, you need some methods/services to reduce the attacks directed at your online services. Latch, a service by ElevenPaths provides your end users to lock the service account or selected features conveniently, when they dont want to use them.Secure your Moodle credentials using the Latch plugin for Moodle @ElevenPaths #Moodle
As promoted by the company: latch – The security switch for your digital life is a service to reduce exposure to cyber attacks and adds an extra security layer to your account. Latch gives you the control to “turn off” your online services when you are not connected.
Latch does not affect in any case or in any way the usual operations with an account. It just allows or denies actions over it, acting as an independent extra layer of security that, once removed or without effect, will have no effect over the accounts, that will remain with its original state.
ElevenPaths have introduced a Moodle authentication plugin which allows you to integrate Latch with Moodle. You can pair the Moodle users whom you want to use the plugin.
You can download the plugin from the GitHub page here. Complete instructions for setting up the Latch service with Moodle are mentioned here.
The plugin works for all Moodle versions from Moodle 2.3 to Moodle 2.7
Have you ever faced compromised security with your Moodle accounts? What are the other security services which can be sued with Moodle? Do share with us in the comments below.
PS: MoodleWorld is not related to ElevenPaths by any means.

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