Senior Moodle Developer Wanted, Anywhere In The World. And More Moodle Jobs

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Moodle HQ, the company behind the Open Source Learning Management System, welcomes talent. While located in Australia, they coordinate with teams, developers and experts from anywhere. Their most recent job opening speaks for themselves.
A Senior Analyst Developer at Moodle HQ position opened this week. The selected person will oversee the quality of Moodle’s core code, including testing. One of his key tasks will be to ensure the usefulness of Moodle’s documentation. Besides its commitment to quality, it also reflects on a culture with deep links to the community. The person will be expected to be seen in the forums, events and other outreach initiatives. Three-year programming experience involving mainstream data and web technologies is required.
Below, some of the most and interesting Moodle-related openings out there:

Full-time positions

A person knowledgeable in HTML, LMS or VLE (Virtual Learning Environments), and web technologies, is wanted as a liaison between developers and clients, providing support, reporting, testing and contributing to the knowledge base.
A Bachelor, preferable on a related field, with 2-year experience in LMS management, SQL and PHP and understanding of content standards such as SCORM, LTI or xAPI, will support a Linux-based LMS, providing compliance, support, knowledge and understanding.
A Bachelor with 3-years experience in LMS management and “strong technical knowledge and background” will coordinate with HR to outline, deploy and support content for employees and new hires, plus adhering to quality, safety and injury illness prevention guidelines.
A demonstrably able person, preferably with an EdTech-related master’s degree and Higher Ed experience, will support LMS-based training programs, and provide documentation, research and recommendations to faculty.
Also, it is open to “candidates who demonstrate a vibrant and maturing Christian faith” and commits “to multiculturalism and diversity”.
A 5+ years experienced developer in PHP, MySQL, MVC plus HTML\CSS\JavaScript will work for a development agency that focuses on application development but works with “exciting technologies such as Augmented Reality, Unity Game Development, Interactive video, VR Simulators”. Negligible client contact claimed.
This position is also available as part-time or contract. See more contract jobs:

Contract work

A demonstrable expert on Moodle Blocks, Plugins and Themes, with thorough Moodle, PHP, MySQL, CSS and JavaScript and 2 years in development capacities, will develop new custom functionality for Moodle, on a UX and client-facing role.
Someone with “in-depth knowledge” will build unique Dataform (advanced Moodle Database) activities for Moodle 2.8 according to customer requirements.
A medical certification issuer is looking for a whole professional website which will have interactive online testing, separate role logins, videos and PDF storage, a dashboard, and appointment scheduling.
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