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New date! “Student Engagement in New Normal Learning EnvironmentsLaunches August 19

Historical moments like those we are currently living, underscore the importance of partnerships. Key allies become a source of support, and down the line they encourage us to think beyond the immediate future. Real collaboration is the antidote to a life spent putting out fires.

Our friends at Eummena, the Belgium-based science and technology transfer organization, providers of elearning solutions including the Moodle Learning Management System and the Naace Digital Readiness Assessment tool, has crafted such a 3-module antidote. The “Student Engagement in New Normal Learning Environments” course, launching August 19, is an attempt to bring order to learning initiatives in our “New Normal,” by leveraging the wide array of technologies, as well as partners at our disposal.

Practical, thoughtful, proactive and savvy: Eummena’s way

Student Engagement in New Normal Learning Environments” proposes a holistic framework, where participants are encouraged to involve situations from their existing elearning contexts, to get a complete picture and address issues as close to the root as possible.

«Teachers are concerned about safety, well-being and inclusiveness of remote teaching and teaching in general. At the same time, they want high quality education. Transferring teaching and learning to the new context is not that easy. Teachers need the skills and ideas to operate in the new normal learning environments. They need to be empowered to organise and manage a high level of teaching and learning.»

For many, the transition to online learning amidst a global health crisis has been nothing short of tumultuous. By offering a trustful and generous space to hone on important practices, Eummena’s training team hopes to promote a space that build confidence and eases mental anguish and roadblocks.

Inside Eummena, several teams are collaborating to make the course a well-rounded and effective experience for participants. Among them there are the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC), the program of which is based on the European Union’s Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu); the Naace “Digital Readiness” team that aims to diagnose competencies at the institutional level; and the Design Thinking team, which brings a modern and evidence-based look at principles such as Relevance and Novelty in course design.

Course structure and principles

The course is organized in 3 modules, one per week, totaling 16 credit hours.

  • The New Classroom
  • Methodologies and Strategies for Engaged Learning in the New Classroom
  • Designing high quality learning activities

Among the principles guiding the course and its approaches, students will enjoy

  • Relevance
  • Novelty
  • Community building — Personal Learning Networks (PLN)
  • Flexibility
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Motivation
  • Self-Confidence

The team

“Student Engagement in New Normal Learning Environments” is led by Arjana Blazic and Bart Verswijvel. Blazic is a Croatian arts educator, trainer and curriculum developer at Penn State. She’s been involved in curriculum design and reform at the national and international working group level, and blogs at Traveloteacher. Verswijvel is a Belgium educator, Senior Pedagogical Adviser for the country’s Ministry of Education and Europe’s Schoolnet, the continental digital pedagogy and educational innovation network.

The Course starts August 19

To learn more and sign up for “Student Engagement in New Normal Learning Environments” visit

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