Last date approaching soon – Submit your project proposal for MUA Jul-Dec development cycle @moodleassoc #Moodle

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The last date for submitting your project proposal for the  current July – December 2016 development cycle of Moodle Users Association is approaching soon by September 1st, 2016 and the voting will start on 3 September 2016.
As of now there are 5 new project proposals submitted by MUA members:

  • Add chapter level restrict access to the Book activity – Matthew Davidson
    • Description – Create the ability to restrict access for chapters of a book the same way you can currently restrict access to an entire activity.Last date approaching soon - Submit your project proposal for MUA Jul-Dec development cycle @moodleassoc #Moodle
  • Exclude Restricted Activities From Grades – Anna Krassa
    • Description – In a personalised course, where Restrictions have been used to force different learning paths for different users, the Gradebook should be able to mirror what each student sees and aggregate the categories’ and course total accordingly.
  • Improve the Calendar Interface – Stephen Bourget
    • Description – The goal here is to improve the interface of the calendar, making it easier to use similar to other calendaring systems like google calendar.
  • Ability to set activity due dates relative to enrollment date – Emma Richardson
    • Description – An option should be added to the date entry for activity open, due and cutoff dates that would allow users to enter a date that is relative to the enrollment date.
  • Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list – Nick Thompson
    • Description – We have two pages that do very similar things: display list of students.  I propose that we combine these two screens into one as shown in the following mock-up.

Once you propose a project then you will be responsible as the Project Manager and you need to provide a name, project description and basic initial requirements.
To suggest a new project, you need to first register in the MUA so if not yet registered yourself with MUA, then you can join through this link. So what are you waiting for? Suggest your project proposal before the final deadline and help improve the Moodle project.

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