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Hey Moodler’s!!
I welcome all of you to the exclusive edition of the new and updated “The Ultimate Moodle Guide – version 2”. This guide is exclusively for all first time Moodle users, who would like to start Moodle from scratch. If you are new to Moodle World and wish to have your online learning platform ready in few minutes, then this guide is for you.

Do remember, this tiny Guide for Moodle beginner’s is crafted with love & utmost care. I will keep it regularly updated and include practical information to get started with Moodle.

Topics in Ultimate Moodle Guide:

I have added many new topics and features of Moodle project. This small and handy guide will introduce you with following topics:

  • History of Moodle,
  • Why choose Moodle as your online learning platform,
  • Getting your first Moodle site ready in 10 minutes,
  • Comparison of different free hosting platforms for Moodle,
  • Useful Moodle terminology,
  • Moodle plugin installation guide,
  • Essential Moodle plugins,
  • Moodle Gamification Plugins
  • Top Moodle themes
  • Moodle Security Tips
  • Moodle Administration Hidden tools
  • Moodle Mobile App
  • Moodle Desktop App
  • Moodle Community
  • How to seek help with Moodle

Do let us know if you want to add any specific Moodle topics into this Moodle guide.

Download the Ultimate Moodle Guide – Version 2 from this link

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