Create, Share And Sell Virtual Educational Courses: What Is Thinkific?

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Try Thinkific and the App Store free for 30 days clicking here — affiliate disclaimer

With the launch of its very own app store, course creation platform Thinkific, which recently debuted at the Toronto Stock Exchange, takes a step closer towards the vision of an “Elearning App Store,” pursued by many.

The era of virtual education is here to stay. Virtual courses and online learning have been a useful tool for teachers who want to share their knowledge with anyone online.

And wouldn’t it be attractive for a teacher to be able to create, share and sell online courses? That’s what the Thinkific tool offers.

In this article you can learn more about the platform that supports enterprising teachers who want knowledge to spread around the world.

Try Thinkific and the App Store free for 30 days clicking here — affiliate disclaimer

How Thinkific fits into the elearning ecosystem

Taking into account that in recent years technologies have appeared that have revolutionized education in the world, Thinkific joins the e-learning educational technology since, as it is known, this consists of carrying out a teaching and learning process through the Internet.

What characterizes this technology is that there is a distance between the teacher and the student, but there is a predominance of communication so that a didactic and continuous interaction can be carried out.

And the reason why this technology has become popular is because it allows the student to become the center of the educational process, since it will allow him to develop skills on his own, make decisions about his knowledge and encourage his own autonomy to learn.

How does Thinkific work?

Thinkific founded in 2012, with a positioning in more than 100 countries and with more than 50,000 content creators is a platform oriented to the commercial part of the SaaS model and is ideal for teachers or educational institutions wishing to sell online courses.

You can register for free. To log in you only need to enter your name, email address and a password.

For security reasons and so that the platform knows more about the new user, it is important that after registration, you answer a series of simple questions about what you are going to do in Thinkific.

After you have done these steps, you will see your platform home screen like this:

It is important that the course you are going to create is interesting, eye-catching and for that reason there are some additional steps you must do to make your course 100% ready to be launched.

After you have done the previous steps, you will be able to explore each tool that Thinkific has for you. As you can see in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Something important to highlight is that Thinkific differs from other course creation sites in the fact that it has advanced customization, which allows you to be the complete administrator and editor of your content.

The business: How does Thinkific make money?

While you can create and make a course with the free version, you have the possibility to explore different tools in the creation and realization of the course. This will lead you to make the decision to continue using this tool or not, and if your answer is yes, below are the available plans.

This platform offers its users a free version but with the limitation of making only one course, which is perfect to start living the experience of creating content for people who want to learn virtually. You can also choose among the four packages that the platform offers to its users:

  • Basic $39USD per month, for the teacher to learn the basic tools and how to use them to launch a course.
  • Pro $79 USD per month, for those who want to build their business idea through tools that guarantee a good student experience.
  • Premier 399 USD per month, this plan is for those who want to build an educational empire with specialized tools to design and deliver online education on a large scale.

Because it is such a comprehensive platform and also drives entrepreneurship in educators, the way Thinkific makes money is through anyone who wants to start creating and selling online courses.

Plus if you don’t like the Thinkific experience in the first month you will get your money back.

Why use Thinkific (or a competitor)

E-learning has been popular for many years, specifically for people who prefer to learn from the comfort of their home, or because they don’t have the time to travel to any learning institution. But with the pandemic, e-learning became even more popular.

And that’s what Thinkific does, it allows anyone who decides to share their knowledge with others to create courses, plus this platform gives its users the option to sell the courses they have created and managed.

Thinkific’s mission is to change the way people learn online in order to offer the necessary tools to enhance their online experience and turn this experience into a business idea that will have an impact on the audience.

This platform encourages entrepreneurship and authenticity among colleagues in academia, which is why Thinkific allows the user to live a different experience of creation during the construction of the course that the teacher wants to develop.

Created in 2012, Thinkific has always been at the forefront and has tried to adapt to the needs of its customers, thus having more than 20 allied applications that can be integrated into the platform, giving users the option to choose between different options to make the learning process different and fun for the person who wants to learn.

Currently there are 50,000 course creators, more than 100 million courses taken, 156 countries using this platform and more than $650 million earned by teachers or course creators. In addition Thinkific is a reliable partner for many people around the world, as is Hootsuite.

How do I get started withThinkific as an educator?

I recommend that if you have no knowledge about Thinkific, log in for free and create a course with the free version. It is better to live the first free experience.

If you like the platform, the tools, the method in which the platform is organized, Thinkific is ideal for you. You register, and then choose the package that best suits the design and type of course you want to create and share.

And that’s it! You can start creating the courses you want to share with your specific audience or simply with anyone around the world.

How do I activate Thinkific in English?

Unfortunately Thinkific is not available in Spanish, it is only available in English. The platform does have the option to change the language to Spanish, but it only changes the user interface.

And one thing you can’t do is that you can’t change the platform administrator interface to Spanish.

Is Thinkific safe?

Thinkific collects a lot of information from its users in order to provide it with an updated and improved platform for the creation and sale of courses.

When a user makes use of the platform, visits the website, or interacts with a customer through the services, they are automatically agreeing to have their data collected. It does not collect data from minors without parental consent and if someone under the age of 13 has accessed the website, Thinkific automatically deletes that data.

For Thinkific the privacy of its users is important, that is why they specify what types of information they collect from their customer, such as email address and IP address. This data is collected in order to provide the customer with a better experience with the platform.

They also collect information when the customer makes a payment to the platform, this is done for security purposes. They also collect the times in which the user entered the site and what they did during that time, the web pages they visited. This is done in order for Thinkific to improve its services.

As for the collection of student data, the first thing is the email and the name, but as the student takes courses, it will begin to track or collect the student’s progress.

If you want to know more, read the privacy policy here.

Is Thinkific accessible?

Thinkific is constantly working to improve the student experience and make it much more accessible, hoping to improve in the short term. For Thinkific it is important to listen to the users’ opinion, it is important that students and teachers feel satisfied with what this platform offers.

At the moment there are some practical and inclusive tools that you as a teacher can use to make the content you want to share accessible to your students.

Add text to images on their landing pages, this alternative allows blind students to use screen readers that describe the image.

Include alternative text and alternative audio in text lessons, text lessons allow you to embed files, either images or videos, and these are editable in HTML.

Add subtitles to a video, using subtitles is an inclusive strategy to reach more students, you can even consider integrating subtitles in other languages so that the courses reach more people.

Is Thinkific effective?

Since Thinkific was founded in 2012, it has positioned itself in the industry as it allows anyone to create courses and sell them. In addition, the teacher or the person who wants to create courses can do it without any knowledge about coding.

Thinkific supports the entrepreneurship of teachers, it is not only an idea of support for students in the sense of sharing knowledge but also consists of economic support for teachers.

The question can be answered in the sense that users can share their experience, if a student and teacher feel good during the creation and implementation of a course, and also if the course they have completed has contributed to their knowledge, Thinkific is effective.

In addition, Thinkific works daily to improve its tools, taking into account that this platform and tools are characterized by allowing the user to live a different educational experience.

Pros and cons of Thinkific


  • Thinkific is an easy to create learning management system.
  • It provides a great user experience for learners. Thinkific has not had many complaints regarding the navigation of online courses and the way content is accessed.
  • Thinkific gives the ability to customize your school to match your brand and therefore link it to your own company’s website.
  • You are able to filter course content for when it is ready to be launched and not be pressured to publish only a full course when it is ready


  • When creating content, there are some editor quirks that take some getting used to.
  • Better user usability experience with the interface.
  • A/B testing options are very limited. You have to do a lot of workarounds to test things effectively.
  • The checkout process is also not very customizable.

Alternatives to Thinkific: What are the main competitors?

There are different websites that allow the creation of virtual courses, so that people who wish to educate themselves autonomously and learn from the comfort of home. As well as Thinkific there are other websites that create online courses, this can be called Thinkific’s direct competition.


eachable is an e-learning platform that offers users the creation and marketing of online courses, it stands out because the subscription packages are inexpensive unlike other websites that offer the same service.

Like other LMS and SaaS platforms, Teachable guarantees copyright to users and also guarantees 100% of the profits to content creators.

One of the most outstanding tools of this platform is the ability to make specific reports, by course, by video and by students, and thanks to that the teacher or course creator can get closer to the student knowing their interests and progress.


DigitalChalk is an online course creation and marketing platform. This organization believes that every employee, student, teacher can easily learn and access educational materials.
Basically what this platform does is to provide support to the user in terms of course creation. According to what DigitalChalk says is that the teacher has the knowledge and the ability to share and teach it and the platform lends itself to provide the service of creating the course.

Thought Industries

Like the previous platforms, Thought Industries offers users the creation and marketing of online courses. What this organization does is that it drives the future of online learning through modern, engaging and interactive learning experiences.

This platform provides the user with the necessary tools for the creation and proper distribution of the created courses.

Getting experience, how to make the best use of Thinkific?

To make better use of a creation platform, the essential thing is to learn how to use and manage all the tools, applications and integrations that it has. The user can even use video tutorials to learn how to use the platform.

This educational tool is designed for people to learn from their homes since they are courses of specific topics and people decide whether to take them or not, also these have a value so it is not convenient to be used by educational institutions.

For teachers who want to create courses on this platform, it is recommended that they know how to structure the course they want to teach, since they must organize it in Thinkific. It is also recommended that they explore each of the things that this platform has so that they can gain experience and each time the teacher wants to create a simpler course.

And regarding the use that students give it, it is a method of autonomy, since as mentioned above the person is the one who decides to take or pay for the course. But at the moment of being in the modules of the course, it is preferable that the learner dedicates his full time to the course and removes the distractions that are close to him, that the learner knows how to manage his time so that the course he is going to take contributes and is attentive to what he wants to learn.

In a way, the person who decides to take the course is responsible for doing it or not, since the money to pay for it came from him.

How much does Thinkific cost? Where do I start?

Try Thinkific and the App Store free for 30 days clicking here — affiliate disclaimer

Thinkific has four plans that users can choose from.

The first plan is the basic plan, it has no cost and you can try out Thinkific’s core feature set.

As you can see in the image, these are the plans and prices that Thinkific offers if you decide to pay annually.

You can also see what each plan allows the user.

And here are the prices that Thinkific offers if you decide to pay for the plan on a monthly basis.

Can I integrate Thinkific with an LMS such as Moodle or D2L?

Yes Thinkific has application integrations that can be installed and configured on your Thinkific site. These integrations allow the site to add new options and tools that make the platform more complete and more acclaimed by customers.

You can find apps by browsing Thinkific’s app store. If you want to download an app to integrate with Thinkific, the first thing you need to do is confirm that you are giving the app permission to access the Thinkific site.

After you have made the confirmation, the installation process will continue doing the steps that each application specifies.

And when you have completed the installation of the applications, the new application will appear in the Thinkific administration panel.

People also ask

  • Is Thinkific better than Teachable?
    Thinkific has some advantage because of the overall capabilities of the course website. How sales are made and how the bulk content works. On the other hand, Teachable wins because of the student interaction and engagement systems, it is also very easy to explore and customer support.
  • Does Thinkific use SCORM?
    No, it does not currently support SCORM, Tin Cant or AlCC files.
  • Does Thinkific support mobile devices?
    No, there is currently no mobile app, however Thinkific Course Player is fully compatible with mobile devices, which will allow students to take courses from any phone, or tablet.
  • How do I get paid on Thinkific?
    For the platform to make the corresponding payment to the teachers, it is necessary to make a payment process integration to start accepting payments for the courses, once the payment has been accepted, the teacher or content creator will receive the funds directly to the processor.
  • How do I purchase a course from Thinkific?
    Once you have found the course you want to take, under the creator’s pricing tab are the prices that the student will set. One-time payments or payment plan subscriptions can be chosen. Also when a student buys a package, only the package price will be charged.
  • How can I hide a course in Thinkific?
    In basic settings click on the Course Builder option, then select the checkbox to hide the course and then save the changes.

TO SUM UP: What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an e-learning platform that offers the creation, marketing and sale of courses created by educators who want to start earning money by sharing their knowledge with the world.

Thinkific is a popular tool because of the way its website and course creation site is structured. In addition, this tool offers and guarantees the customer a different experience during the creation process, as well as offering the student a different and fun student experience.

For Thinkific, educators are important, since they are the ones who help people to structure their ideas, guide and allow the development of skills that even the student did not know. That is why this platform considers that they are only an intermediary between the teacher and the student, they are simply the support for the teacher to foster online learning.

In addition, it has helped millions of teachers around the world to solve their economic situation, since due to the pandemic many were left without a source of income. And on the other hand, many people had a lot of free time during the confinement and it benefited people who made the decision to learn virtually and autonomously.

Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which may earn LMSPulse a commission for any purchases made at

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