Tomaz @Lasic Joins Moodle HQ

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Tomaz Lasic, blogger and Moodler extraordinaire announced 1/19/10 that he joined the staff at Moodle HQ in Perth as a Education Researcher.  Tomaz has long been a great resource for Moodlers online at his blog “Human” (

According to Tomaz,

This afternoon, I accepted Martin Dougiamas‘ kind offer to formally join Moodle as an ‘Education Researcher’. I will be concerned primarily with the pedagogical and andragogical aspects of using Moodle, and look at how (well) does and could Moodle ‘hit the ground’ in a range of educational settings, primary to tertiary, vocational, training etc.

In short, my concern is the ‘L’ in Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment).

From creating resources, curating best practices, conducting formal research, active participation in the world-wide Moodle community through and many other sites and channels, help with design of future versions of Moodle, and more, my job description is as varied as it is challenging. Eh, my cuppa tea – variety and challenge! :-)

As for the title,  I have always felt that terms like ‘Specialist’, ‘Consultant’, ‘Leader’ etc breed spoon-feeding and useless reverence, so ‘Educational Researcher’ fits the bill perfectly.

Here’s a link to his entire announcement:

This surely will be a great benefit to the Moodle community as a whole.  Here are a few of the great contributions to Moodle Mr. Lasic has made,

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