LMSPulse’s Top 50 To Follow — And Why They Are Shaping The Elearning Conversation Today

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They’re insightful, charitable and passionate about education. They’ve amassed large followings, and made sure to use their influence to help people and spread insightful messages. While we spared no expense reaching out to them and invite them to join our Summit, we still want to share our “Dream List” with you. (Many of them actually did — tagged with 🤩) These people and the organizations they represent are beacons of hope and optimism about the future.eric

Elearning Success Summit

Alec Couros

EdTech and media researcher, with a feet on social media and another on cutting edge academic research.

Alice Keeler

A voice of reason in the middle of classroom and virtual environments. “It’s not digital, it’s different.”

Alistair Bryce-Clegg

Early Years trainer, consultant

Andy Hargreaves

Numbers man, and advocate of data put to the service of strategic decision making at universities.

Barbara Bray

Meaning-oriented storyteller, promoter of joy and hope to the service of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Benn Cass 🤩

LMS Consultant for Moodle and Totara partner eThink Education. Blended Learning Advocate.

Brian Aspinall

“Globe-trekking educator” and “learning risk-taking” advocate. Personal motto: No more excuses.

Dr. Britt Andreatta 🤩

A global authority in education, Dr. Andreatta focuses on personal and organization growth through a neuroscience lens.

Burck Smith 🤩

Founder of StraighterLine and SMARTHINKING, this self-proclaimed policy wonk will guide you through the wonders of Competency Based Education

Catlin Tucker

Experienced Blended Learner, currently on a world tour —virtual, of course— to help parents educate their children at home without losing the grip on the rest of their lives.

Charles Severance and Ian Dolphin

A rockstar from U. Michigan, Apereo, Sakai and most likely the best Python teacher there is.

Charlie Miller

CEO of FlipGrid and a man on a mission to make educational video just works.

Chris Anderson

His TED Talks portal need no introduction. Millions tune regularly to this gateway of innovative and radical ideas.

Christian Garrett 🤩

Training Coordinator at Bossier Parish Community College, all about Consistency, Compliance and Eye-catching Course Templates

Danny Steele

Concerned thinker on the future, the leadership and the stories of public education.

Dave Burgess

“Pirate Educator” —you have to check him out to get it— and consultant, will be ready to help you teach like a pirate.

Dean Saunders 🤩

Australia’s topmost authority on open source education, with a message of community building in the virtual space and personal mindfulness before teacher effectiveness.

Devlin Peck 🤩

xAPI specialist ready to welcome into the wonderful (and privacy respectful) world of student data.

Diane Ravitch

Opinion writer, ready to dig deep into current events through an educational lens.

Don Weobong 🤩

Founder of the eLeaP LMS and our friend portal eLearning Inside News, he’s nuts! About expanding talent potential. (His own words!)

Eran Adi Cioban 🤩

Learning & Technology Manager at The Center for Educational Technology (CET), in Israel

Eric Gibbs 🤩

President of North America of Ouriginal (formerly Urkund), originality management heavyweight.

Eric S. Yuan

Zoom’s CEO.

Eric Sheninger

A passionate teacher who believes in the power of relationships and empathy.

Dr. Florian Zenoni 🤩

EdTech data scientist at Wooclap, and the best source for cutting edge research on Attention, Memory and Repetition.

Fredrick Dixon 🤩

Veteran on the trenches of open source education and the visible figure of BigBlueButton, the strong contender to Zoom for massive online video.

Gagan Biyani

Co-Founder of Udemy, believer in on-the-go, ubiquitous learning and thinker about the governance upheaval this will bring.

Gareth Barnard 🤩

Open source EdTech developer, Barnard believes in a world of empowered, multidisciplinary and “technojoyful” teachers.

Gavin Henrick 🤩

Open EdTech BizDev and data wizard, focused on improving quality & effectiveness of learning.

George Couros

The one and only “Inside the box” innovator.

Hamish Brewer

Tattooed principal, with distinctions both national and in Vermont. Relentless skateboarder.

Holly Clark

Probably the best Google —and Microsoft— in education specialist out there.

Jack Ma

The wealthiest man of China used to be a school teacher. From time to time it shows.

Jared Stein 🤩

VP of of Higher Ed Strategy for Instructure and Canvas, currently on the (virtual) ground making sure students get the optimal LMS experience.

Jeff Campbell 🤩

Motivation Designer, eager to show you that the era and the true power of Gamification have just begun.

Jen Giffen

Librarian and “voracious learner” with a reflective tone towards technology and data.

Jennifer Gonzalez

Cult leader. Head of Cult of Pedagogy, that is. Visionary about technology to the service of your passions.

Jennifer Hogan

Believer in “YOU!” from Alabama, Jennifer blends teaching with motivational messages and coaching. “They’ll remember how you made them feel.”

Jerry Blumengarten

If you notice that virtual clasroom suddenly open up new ways of communications with otherwise locked in students, this “Internet for education cataloguer” will not be the least bit surprised.

Jimmy Casas

“Live your excellence” author, coach and consultant.

Joe Sanfelippo

2019 National Superindentendent of the year. There’s never been a better time to try things statu quo would likely not allow you do do.

John Baker

CEO of D2L. Few hands are better to handle your LMS at times of crisis. Check out his professional lifelong partner, Kenneth Chapman, at our Summit.

John DeFonzo and John Porten 🤩

Indy’ Moonami is an oasis of community -centric EdTech in the U.S. elearning marketplace.

John Spencer

Self proclaimed maker of videos and difference.

John Whitmer 🤩

Lead Data Science of ACT and an international authority on outcome prediction and intervention.

Jornea Armant

Founder of FlipGrid, one of the shiniest starts of home-based education.

Josh Stumpenhorst

Librarian, drawer, and runner, which is another description of an equally persistent and creative knowledge seeker.

Julia Dweck

Passion-driven educator, ceaselessly amazed by the minds of K-5 gifted students.

Julian Davis 🤩

Award winning Digital Learning Solutions Architect eager to energize and data-inform the adult education space.

Justin Hunt 🤩

The “Poodll Guy,” a veteran Moodler with one of the most sophisticated language speaking skills technologies out there.

Kelly Dempsey 🤩

In education, “Innovation moves at the speed of relationships. And relationships move at the speed of trust.”

Kenneth Chapman 🤩

Advocate of equitable and accessible learning experiences will help you go at your own pace.

Kent Fallesen 🤩

Nordic EdTech thought leader welcomes you to think about engaging experiences from zero. Believer in the power of video.

Kylene Beers

Writer and writing skills advocates. Very open to meet you on Office Hours.

Laura Robb

She’s spent decades making the case that the most effective way to achieve change is by “reaching each student.”

Lewis Carr 🤩

Supporter of world-class open source elearning, deployed in local communities.

Martin Dougiamas 🤩

CEO and Founder of Moodle.

Michael Fullan

Professor Emeritus from OISE/University of Toronto and Education System reformer from within.

Michael Weiss 🤩

Digital Teacher and Marketer, keen on the ethical use of synergic skills.

Michelle Moore 🤩

Educator and technologist, always willing to guide your hand and avoid common migration mistakes.

Monica Burns 🤩

The massive social appeal of ClassTechTips is more than enough introduction. For years she’s worked tirelessly to help “make EdTech easier,” finding the easiest, yet effective tools out there.

Phil Hill 🤩

Consultant and father of the “Squid” of LMS U.S. Higher Ed adoption charts.

Phillip Miller 🤩

Managing Director of Open LMS, the largest open source SaaS operation on earth.

Randi Weingarten

A hero whose cause in defense of teacher unions and public education is more relevant than ever.

Robin Petterd 🤩

Founder of “Next-Gen” learning technologies company SproutLabs and the Learning While Working Conference.

Scott McLeod

Associate Professor. CASTLE Founder. Blogger. Idea generator. Solution builder. Agitator. Catalyst.

Sean Fahey

“Applied digital skills” specialist and promoter, eager to show your students are savvier than you might think.

Sean Junkins

Instructional Coach and “Emerging Leader.”

Seb Francis 🤩

The youngest CEO of a Moodle Partner, entrepreneur and startup angel. Worth keeping tabs on in the years to come.

Sir Ken Robinson

An education innovation advocate for decades, currently trying to persuade you it’s not time to think about “going back to normal.”

Stephan Burley 🤩

iSpring is a state of the art authoring solution for LMS, and Burley is on top of it.

Steven W. Anderson

A wholesome voice, ready to assure you that you are doing great, eager to help you focus on what really matters.

Susan Patrick

Had you invested early on personalized learning, as Susan has been advising for years, your organization would likely be better able to stand the transition to virtualization. She’ll also convince you that the second best time to do it is now.

Svein Tore-Griff 🤩

The mind behind H5P, a revolutionary open source interactivity tool.

Tanya Avrith

Adobe’s Education Evangelist, and believer in the power of storytelling. Perfect illustration of the marketing value of user education.

Ted Curran 🤩

Learning Experience Designer for Autodesk but with a soft spot for Open Source, Curran believes on the power of communication for better engagement.

Thomas Murray

Director of innovation at FutureReady, believer in the power of authenticity. Do only that into which you are ready to pour your heart.

Todd Nesloney

Texas education thought leader, promoting community values and culture from his role at Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association.

Todd Whitaker

What should teachers do different to become Great? Whithaker has written 50 books on the topic.

Tom Vander Ark

Head of GettingSmart, leading thinker on digital education and AI but willing to get his hands dirty. Literally.

Dr. Tonya Riney 🤩

The woman behind the leading Learning Analytics integration for all major learning platforms has an enviable bird’s eye view of students and education strategies.

Vicki Davis

The “Cool Cat Teacher” is deservedly Mashable’s “Top Twitter Teacher,” with a sleek, yet relentless mood for replying your request for help emails.

Will Richardson

Believer in the amazing playground that is EdTech, but also one of the most skeptical and “instigating” minds out there.

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