Totara 9.0: Key New Features Since The Fork From Moodle

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It’s been a year since Learning Management System (LMS) Totara announced its independence from the Moodle core. What began as a distribution customized for enterprise learning, has taken a life of its own.

Before the decision to fork away, Totara HQ had already accounted for 450,000 lines of code on top of Moodle. Features, users and even the visual experience share less commonalities over time.

Totara versions followed Moodle until version 2.9. And now, the first solo release by Totara will be named Totara 9. Its key features to mark the definite departure belong in the Seminar Activity. How To Moodle, one of the few certified partners for both Totara and Moodle, lists their new features:

  • Name changes. Seminar and Event are now the names of “Face-to-Face” and “Session”.
  • Seminars have gained prominence as a go-to in corporate training. This will be reflected on its menu location, which will be tidier.
  • Sign-up period restrictions and two-step sign-ups.
  • “Asset Management” page to complement “Room Management”, giving basically a physical inventory of tools and rooms.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Printable Sign-in sheets.
  • It is now easier to remove attendees, cancel events and create reports.

Find other changes in Totara 9 here.

As for the next 3 years, Totara will try to make for a better user experience, more efficient and effective, according to an official blog post. Improvements are coming to catalog interface, progress bars, and course creation wizards among other things. Under the hood, enhancements on the offline capabilities for mobile, LDAP and xAPI support and better SCORM integration are on the menu.

See a summarizing infographic on Totara 9 here.


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