Unicheck Grants Free Access to Institutions Without Licenses to Help Them Transition to E-Learning

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In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Unicheck team has shared free access to their plagiarism checker till June 30. The trial will be granted to any institution that has no active Unicheck licenses. This is to support education in their global move to elearning.

“Our LMS partners including Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard, are powering up their platforms as the number of online learners increases,” says Serhii Tkachenko, CEO at Unicheck. “The pandemic cases have surpassed the alarming 229,761 mark. We’ve all been caught unaware, but we have to double our efforts to let institutions conduct online instruction seamlessly.”

Dozens of the US, UK, and EU universities and schools have chosen social distancing, closing campuses until late March or early April. But it may not be enough to reduce the COVID-19 cases. The prolonged closures may result in “revenue and operating pressures,” as the Fitch agency has put it in their recent report.

Now, Unicheck’s experiencing a 15% surge in usage, equal to the average system load in May and June. The company has taken extra measures to ensure every Unicheck user can work smoothly without downtime or slowdown:

  • Thanks to Amazon Web Services, Unicheck has an uptime of 99.95%. The system auto-scales depending on the current workload, so Unicheck users won’t be held back by slow operations.
  • Checking speed remains unchanged: students/instructors will generally get receive reports within minutes. Expect bulk submissions to pass through Unicheck without interruption.
  • To extend an institution’s license coverage, Unicheck invites everyone to contact a dedicated Customer Success Manager or email at [email protected]
  • All user requests are handled 24/7 via chat, phone, and emails to a guarantee timely response and quick reaction to any emerging issues.

For more information on the Unicheck system and how the team can help your institution, follow this link.

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