Updates To Moodle Liberal Arts Edition From CLAMP 11.0.2, 10.0.4, 9.0.7, 7.1.4

Updates To Liberal Arts Flavored Moodle Courtesy Of CLAMP Consort

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Institutional collective CLAMP has announced the release of the latest updates to their liberal arts edition of Moodle, dubbed LAE.

Now in their second update of the 11th version, this new release fixes reported issues and offers no new features. The full set of releases is listed below with links to the corresponding project:

If you want to upgrade to a higher Moodle version on top of LAE, CLAMP recommends creating a backup of the installation. Read CLAMP’s position on Moodle 3 here.

CLAMP, acronym for Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project, unites more than 30 universities and colleges from the United States in support of liberal arts initiatives surrounding Moodle. They work according to committee agendas. We reported on the transition of power with the new Steering Committee a few weeks ago.

Their LAE flavor of Moodle includes some fixes, sometimes before the Moodle development roadmap. It also includes some customizations by means of modules bundled in the installation. Filtered course list, Dates Report, Quickmail and Roster Report are among the contributed modules in LAE.

CLAMP is also open to volunteer work, with a schedule of face-to-face events, such as workhsops; and an online ecosystem to collaborate and communicate. See all the involvement opportunities here.

Next releases are scheduled for November, 2016.

Read the full release by CLAMP here.

Share your experiences with CLAMP in the comments 🙂


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