Vote for the next Moodle Users Association #MUA committee members @Moodleassoc

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Voting for selecting the Moodle Users Association (MUA) committee members for the next year is now open and you can cast your vote to select the best candidates for the committee before 29th September midnight (GMT+8).
The new committee will serve a 1-year term from the date of the AGM 2016 until the date of the AGM 2017. Once Committee Members are selected, the roles within the committee (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer) will be voted on among the committee members.Vote for the next Moodle Users Association #MUA committee members @Moodleassoc #Moodle
As of now, the 13 nominees who are contesting for the MUA committee membership have got the following number of votes (The nominees who served on last years committee have their past-year role in parentheses next to their name):

  • Nick Thompson (Chairperson) – 195
  • Michael Sankey (Vice Chairperson) -125
  • Emma Richardson (Secretary) – 60
  • Joseph Thibault (Committee Member) – 70
  • Steve Powell (Committee Member) – 945
  • Mark McKay (Committee Member) – 55
  • Hideto Harashima (Committee Member) – 15
  • Jeff Webster (Committee Member) -5
  • Anna Krassa (Committee Member) – 185
  • Jaswinder Singh – 105
  • Michael Nodding – 15
  • Jean-Mar Doucet – 275
  • Richard Samson – 505

The most important things to consider before voting are:

  • Voting is anonymous
  • There are a maximum of 10 Committee Members allowed
  • You are ONLY voting to the committee, positions within the committee are decided at a later date.

So, what are you waiting for. Login to your Moodle users Association account and cast your vote to select the committee members for next year. And, if you like my work with Moodle, you can vote for me so that I can also be a committee member and represent the voices of all Moodle users.
Please note that you need to be a member of the MUA before casting your vote. So, if you are still thinking to be a MUA member, you can register yourself here –
Hope for the best!!    Happy Moodling!

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