Wanted: Administrative And Project Support Officer At The Moodle Users Association

Moodle Users Association

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MUA is growing.

Below we reproduce the part-time opening initially shared with the MUA members. 

The candidate will work between 10 hours per week to month. While no location is disclosed, the nature of some of the duties imply the person must be located in Australia.

Send resumes with cover letters or inquiries to [email protected] before August 31st.

Administrative and project support officer for the Moodle User Association (MUA)

Job title: Administrative and project support officer

Responsible to: Chair of MUA Committee 

Purpose of the post:

The Administrative and project support officer is responsible for the smooth running of the Moodle Users Association administration, providing administrative support to the MUA Committee and delivering administrative support on projects undertaken by the MUA.

Main duties:
· Champion the Moodle User Association and promote its wider adoption
· Provide advice, guidance, encouragement and support for members in their dealings with the
· Work with Moodle HQ and project proposers to ensure proposals have sufficient
information to allow proper estimation of costs
· Facilitate the project development cycle under direction from the MUA Committee through
administering key activities for each milestone in the process
· Organize, attend and report on meetings as directed
· Be the first point of contact for members by monitoring the [email protected] email
and forums on the website
· Update content on the M UA website as directed by a representative of the Committee
· File necessary paperwork with the Australian Business Commission
· Perform other duties appropriate to the role, as directed by the MUA Committee

Personal profile:
· Experience of using Moodle and Moodle tracker
· Excellent analytical and communication skills, both written and verbal
· The ability to prioritize workloads and balance long-term and short-term demands
· The ability to work independently or as part of a team
· Enthusiasm for digital learning and the goals of the Moodle User Association

· Experience of administering Moodle
· Experience of working with Moodle HQ
· Familiarity with Australian business working practices
· Record of positive developments that use technology to enhance teaching and learning

Read the original post by MUA’s Emma Richardson at

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