What Is Moodle AMOS And How Can You Use It To Internationalize Your Moodle Team?

What Is Moodle AMOS And How To Use It To Internationalize Your Moodle Team?

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Early in its history, it became evident that the community Moodle would be serving is global. To allow the increasing volume of volunteers that help with translating Moodle, AMOS, or the Automated Manipulation of Strings application, was born. Equal parts technology and community, Moodle encourages users to use AMOS in collaborative, group-based projects where a consolidation of a community building process is just as important as a quality Moodle translation.

An often-overlooked part of the work by volunteers involves the translation of Moodle. A post on documents the case of Greece’s GFOSS, an open technologies advocacy organization in the country, critical in making a large part of the Moodle core —and a few plugins, too— available in the language of Plato and Aristotle.

Greece is a vital Moodle nation, with 644 registered sites at writing, a dominance of the open source LMS in higher education (and suspected as much in K-12), and several initiatives to take advantage of the platform to advance the nation’s skills and competitiveness with support from the European Union.

GFOSS has found in the “Editathons,” in-person events designed for users to join forces and achieve impact while fostering a sense of community, one of its ace cards. It clumps students, teachers, and technical enthusiasts from the universities and research centers that are members of GFOSS. 35 organizations represent at each Editathon, which they see crucial in their missions to promote open standards and technologies in education, business, and government. The event is also an effort to keep building community momentum going post MoodleMoot Greece 2017, held last December.

The latest Editathon will focus on translating and reviewing Moodle 3.5, scheduled for next May. Details on dates and venues are pending, but due to the reported enthusiasm from the hundreds of Moodle-centered organizations, it will likely be held simultaneously in many cities across the country.

See the list of GFOSS members here.

Stay tuned with GFOSS and the Editathons here (in Greek).

Post “Get ready, steady and go for a Greek Moodle editathon!” at

More about AMOS is available at Moodle’s Developers Documentation.

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