What’s In Store: Motivation Design Plugin Motrain Featured In Thinkific’s Brand New App Store

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Every day the world is becoming digitalized and more and more people are learning to master their proximity to technology, to the point of working, studying and even spending their free time surfing the Internet. However, there is evidence of a distancing from the physical connection to do this type of activities, especially children and adolescents who are studying.

Many find it more difficult to concentrate and feel motivated to learn online, as there is no one to supervise them and no one to hold them accountable for their obligations, and understandably so, as these reasons have led to an increase in the dropout rate from online courses.

That is why one factor to keep in mind as an educator is to keep your students attentive and motivated for each class you are going to give and here Motrain and Thinfic play an important role.

In an interview with Jeff Campbell, founder and director of Motrain, tells us about Motrain and its alliance with Thinkific.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a platform that allows teachers to create and sell online courses and membership sites. The platform allows you to create courses with visual media such as videos, texts, images and even files that you can download from your computer.

Thinkific’s mission is to change the way people learn online in order to offer the necessary tools to enhance their online experience and turn this experience into a business idea that will have an impact on the audience.

For this organization it is important for creators to know that they are in control of their content, their creations and what they want to sell so that the business idea can be developed and be long lasting. That is why Thinkific allows the teacher to make decisions about their business by customizing every element of the platform to match the brand and the business idea, allowing the user to move forward in their course program.

Each tool that Thinkific has guarantees the user to live a different learning experience, usable and also impactful in their learning process. If the audience and students are satisfied with the courses, it means that the teacher is achieving his goal.

The added value of this course creator is that it has the option of being free and has no transaction fees, clearly it has a limitation for one course but it is ideal for people who want to live the Thinkific experience.

What is Motrain?

Motrain is a gamification LMS platform that has been useful and well received by teachers who have decided to use it. Motrain has as a characteristic value the motivation for the student by means of virtual coins that the student can acquire as his homework is done correctly, and also for each delivery he makes, he will receive immediate feedback so that he knows what he did with his homework.

With this platform there has been a growth in course completion rates in the last year due to the virtuality that had to take everything because of the pandemic of covid-19. And through this “Motivation Design” as Jeff Campell calls it, Motrain seeks to eliminate the gap of students who drop out of their virtual courses to interpose an improvement in the teacher-student relationship so that the learner is aware, attentive and motivated to complete an online course.

What does the alliance consist of?

It is important as a teacher to keep in mind that two factors must be taken into account when creating courses: responsibility and motivation. And what better than using gamification to apply these two factors.

For this reason Thinkific now offers its users a way to connect its gamification applications with Motrain. This will allow teachers to control which activities will be rewardable for their students in terms of virtual currencies and which products and opportunities can be redeemed in Motrain’s online store.

The best thing about this union is that Motrain is easy to integrate with Thinkific.

What this alliance seeks to do is to make students more participative during their classes, making them responsible for their learning process and motivating them with rewards, which in this case are coins and also to keep increasing the completion rates of online courses.

Even something to keep in mind as a teacher is to know how to manage these rewards to motivate students, because if for every task that the student does there will be a reward, this can be monotonous and boring for the person who is taking the course.

How to get started? What to consider?

If you as an educator want to offer your students extracurricular support or want to share your knowledge with others, Thinkific is the ideal tool to do so.

As mentioned above, this platform offers its users a free version but with the limitation to do only one course, which is perfect to start living the experience of creating content for people who want to learn virtually. You can also choose among the four packages that the platform offers to its users:

  • Basic $39USD per month, for the teacher to know the basic tools and how to use them to launch a course.
  • Pro $79 USD per month, for those who want to build their business idea through tools that guarantee a good student experience.
  • Premier 399 USD per month,this plan is for those who want to build an educational empire with specialized tools to design and deliver online education on a large scale.


The most important thing to keep in mind when creating content for people who want to learn online, is to look for strategies that allow students to feel connected with the teacher and also that during the lessons they look participative and interested.

Also as a teacher who controls the site and the course, it is necessary to know when the coins will be given to the students, because not knowing how to manage this type of control, students tend to get bored and drop out of the courses. The teacher has to see this strategy as a motivation for the student to learn and finish the course successfully.

The main thing is that the student feels comfortable, happy and feels that he learned during the course.

If you are looking for a way in which you feel your students are motivated through gamification or “motivational design” think about integrating Motrain with Thinkific.

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