What’s New for Learning Management Systems?

Whats New for Learning Management Systems wide

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A learning management system (LMS) is software that provides training in a workplace – it comes from e-learning and is essentially an upgrade.

Rather than sending out links to e-learning courses and expecting employees to complete them, an LMS can track progress, send reminders and feed information back to the employers. 

These analytics are part of what makes an LMS so important since it gives a clear indication of how everyone is doing and any subjects that need improving upon across the board. This is especially important in companies with a large number of employees since sitting down with each individual would be borderline impossible to do in a timely manner.


There are countless benefits to implementing an LMS. Mainly the cost-effectiveness and how easy it is to track progress and ensure everyone is equally confident in the material. You can earn more about why you need an LMS through this conclusive list. 

Some people may prefer a one-on-one approach, and an LMS can not teach everything to an employee. A lot of practical, hands-on work can only be explained by an LMS and although that is important, it doesn’t substitute for actually practising the process.  

What’s New?

In the past, LMS’s were implemented to ensure compliance and keep workers refreshed on rules, dangers or risks involved in their position. 

An example of this is work safety training, which is often repeated every quarter. This is just to refresh employee’s on important information they already know but does not teach them anything new. In recent years, more focus has been put on teaching soft skills with an LMS. 

The reasons for this are that, due to the changes in every workplace that happened during 2020 and continued into the following year, as many things as possible needed to be done without physical interaction. Soft skills, although important, do not require as much practical learning as hard skills. For example, being taught the proper way to address a patient can be done with an online lesson, detailing what to say and how to behave. 

This will be improved by actually speaking to patients, but the basic premise of what to do does not require that interaction. Whereas how to care for a patient (a hard skill) requires a certain amount of hands-on experience before someone could be trusted doing it alone.

To help with this, new technologies are being brought into the LMS that provide more and more conclusive training. AI has been implemented to mimic being taught by an actual tutor. This human-like guidance makes learners more likely to take in what’s being said and can help transition between in-person learning and e-learning. 

Interactive videos also improve this as well as giving real-life examples of where the information will be used. There is not much conclusive proof to state that videos are better than reading. But the interactive nature ensures the participant is engaged with the learning and removes their ability to simply click through slides without taking in the information.

 In a similar way to a hazard perception test, these videos provide evidence that the person can apply the information they’ve learnt to real-life scenarios, as well as testing anything from reaction times to spatial awareness. 


LMS’s and e-learning have had to have a serious upgrade since 2019 so there are so many new technologies and features out there to give concise training through an online platform. 

These features can only improve over time. Implementing an LMS is an important step in keeping up with the competition and being successful in the modern age. 

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  1. Great read! It is also worth using an LMS to improve the quality of onboarding and build employee engagement in times of remote work.

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