What’s new with the Moodle User’s Association – MUA?

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Moodle User’s Association – the community arm of the Moodle project is doing a great job in driving the Moodle project. The Moodle User’s Association is open for all Moodle community members to propose new features which they would like to see in Moodle project. It is a not-for-profit standalone entity which is not a part of Moodle project.
Recently, the new chairperson of Moodle User’s Association – Emma Richardson shared the latest happenings with Moodle community in MoodleMoot USA – Miami 2017. Here is the recording of her presentation:

Don’t be a whim, Join the Moodle User’s Association!!

That’s the slide shown by Dr. Martin Dougiamas during his keynote speech, just before the MUA session by Emma. She pondered about the diverse culture of  Moodle User’s Association new committee. In the next slides she went through the past projects undertook by Moodle Users Association and the upcoming Question Bank improvements project.
Right now Moodle HQ team is preparing a statement of work for Question bank project. Details on this project can be found here:

Moodle User’s Association Updates:

Moodle User’s Association has also decided to open its fortnightly town hall meetings to non-members. The MUA town hall meetings are scheduled on every 1st and 2nd Tuesday of every month catering to different timezone. For this month, the townhall meetings are scheduled on 5th and 12th December and here is the agenda for it.
MUA is also working on revising the MUA website by including a FAQ’s page for members with some clear information on voting, dates, etc. They will also add pertinent dates to the site calendar making it easier for members to keep abreast of upcoming deadlines.
Are you still thinking to become a member of MUA? Go don’t be a whim and register yourself today for Moodle users Association. If you have any queries about MUA, please share with us in the comments section below.

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