It’s Assessment Time! With Amy Tessitore

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My guest for today is Amy Tessitore, Senior Manager of Education and Engagement Services at Open LMS.

Amy’s work centers around the Open LMS Academy, which is focused on helping clients and the public at large learn about how to teach online and create killer learning outcomes.

In this ‘supportive’ conversation, Amy and I discuss

🏞 What typical or common things that can go “wrong” on the day of a high stakes assessment in an online learning environment are

⚠️ The most important things to have ready before the assessment begins, so that you are prepared in case anything does go wrong

🔞 How the most common mistake made in online assessment is incorrect restriction settings

⛔ Why staggering entry into an assessment —especially one that is large-scale— is always a great option to ensure everyone can take the exam and limit troubleshooting needs

🏬 Amy’s recommendations for building an assessment to make it as accessible and ready-for-success as possible

🏢 We get a little more philosophical about what assessment types work best when, for what types of students and why

💭 If access across different devices like mobile vs laptop makes a difference when thinking about assessment design

🥤 What type of problems happen in the Bring your own device (or BOYD) universe that more and more of us are living in now

🔚 We end with Amy’s advice on the importance of understanding the settings within your LMS, and why!


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