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My guest for today is Naomi Pusch, a highly experienced Senior Instructional Designer in the public sector L&D space.

I invited Naomi on the show today after learning more about the types of organizations she delivers for which, unfortunately, shall remain unnamed. Suffice it to say, we’d all usually consider these organizations highly structured, traditional and anything but agile.

In this ‘forward thinking’ conversation, Naomi and I discuss

⚔ When she crossed over from a trainer to a designer and the progression that helped her make this transition

🎓 The distinction between developing learning and designing learning—and why simple is almost always better (PS. Big shout out to Michelle Moore!)

♿ How one of the biggest challenges as an instructional designer is not having access to the actual learners, because there is often a client layer in between; and why testing for usability is absolutely critical in this scenario

🖱 The wide types and varieties of learning materials a designer might be asked to create. It is not just about creating the click-by-click lesson, but in parallel, the fact that turnaround time for learning materials is a current limp for L&D professionals, and what can be done about it

👨‍💻 Why one of the most important questions you can ask about any learning you’re developing is “what’s the value add of live interaction?” and how to maximize the right types of human connections in eLearning

⌨ How L&D departments can benefit from outside perspectives to find new ways to deliver, new technology and truly innovate

⏩ Why an agile mindset and process will continue to improve the learning materials we develop in essentially every way

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