Can Open Source Handle The World’s Synchronous eLearning? With Fred Dixon

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My guest for today is Fred Dixon, CEO of BlindSide Networks and the Product Manager of the ultra famous Moodle™ plugin BigBlueButton:

In this ‘connected’ conversation, Fred and I discuss

👨‍💻 How BigBlueButton grew exponentially during the pandemic and the fact that it’s baked into the Moodle™ core software in version 4.0

💍 What it means to focus on a single market (online learning) and the core offerings of integration, engagement and analytics for improving learning

🚚 What Fred sees as the critical challenges we’re working on today in online learning delivery, especially in terms of synchronous learning, and how this is being addressed

📡 Why Fred thinks being “back in class” physically is important, but that virtual learning is not only here to stay, but a critical component for the future

📱 What it means for technology to be “open source,” and why this is important as a movement and a way to develop great tech that is powerful and secure

👨‍💼 We end our conversation talking about the business acumen needed around open source in order to make it viable


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