How Should We Teach In The Age Of AI? with Bianca Raby

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for this episode is Bianca Raby a passionate Learning Designer, serial entrepreneur, and digital education strategist. As the CEO of Oppida, a global digital education agency, she works to raise the bar of online learning daily and believes this in-demand, emerging profession will help solve the educational challenges of today and the future. Bianca also debuted as a writer in 2021 with her book Online learning: So you want to be a learning designer? which she wrote to inspire educators to become expert Learning Designers.

In this ‘high design’ conversation Bianca and I talk about

00:00 › Start

4:17 › CL&DO—How she stumbled into learning design and how it transformed how she views learning. We also wondered: why we still divide adult learning into the two major houses of Higher Ed and corporate L&D?

12:39 › You Got Resources—If you are in a traditional education space and feel like you don’t currently have adequate time or resources to truly consider Learning Design, Bianca breaks down why this skill is absolute must for all educators today

16:35 › Storytime—Bianca provides us with useful stories about successes (and challenges) using AI to create efficiencies in Learning Design

25:33 › AI telling it?—We then go further to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is poised to save educators time, and what opportunities exist to use this reclaimed space

37:27 › Forward—Bianca provides her views about how AI can help with assessing progress, growth & competency

41:28 › AI Playlist—How will AI change things in the short-long term and what tools Bianca recommends for educators to obtain major results today

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