How Do You Create Digital Learning Experiences That Actually Work? with Ross Garner & Ross Dickie

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guests for this episode are Ross Garner and Ross Dickie, of Mind Tools for Business and internationally recognized Learning Experience Designers. In 2019, Ross Garner won the Gold award for Learning Designer of the Year at the Learning Technologies Awards, and in 2022 Ross Dickie took Bronze in the same category. Together, they focus on developing performance focused eLearning, animations, infographics and video content for a diverse portfolio of clients.

In this ‘no-failure’ conversation Ross G., Ross D. and I talk about

00:00 › Start

5:45 › Where Do We Start Designing Learning Experiences that Work by asking what is the learning outcome the client wants to achieve?

10:40 › The Mind Tools Duo Reflects on how often clients aren’t clear about the learning outcomes they want to achieve

14:40 › When In Future Rome—Thinking about the rapid pace of change, Ross D and Ross G discuss how often there is a shift in something, say a new technology or process they need to keep up with

17:11 › Success In Feedback—Ross D and Ross G then talk about their process for receiving feedback and continuing the iterative process of developing learning, including how Mind Tools evaluates learning outcomes, the effectiveness of what they’ve produced and client satisfaction

22:34 › An Example Of going through this design process, looking at evaluation, looking at outcomes, looking at how we are going to measure

25:37 › Market Fit Learning—We then discuss the need to “market” learning products to the intended audience and Ross D and Ross G talk about how they’ve helped clients to do this effectively.

40:00 › Missed AI? Finally, we end our discussion around the AI revolution and how this disruption will find its way into MindTools

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