David James Wants To Tell You A Couple Truths About Learning & Development on the eLearn Podcast

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is David James, the Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning.

In this very ‘analytical’ conversation David and I talk about

01:10 How David started as a trainer around finance and banking, but then evolved into running learning, talent and development for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Disney; and how, along the way, he tracked changes happening in training delivery around data and technology that led him to his current role

06:00 How organizational learning culture is linked—and the tragedy behind the spending on “education” that typically happens at a company and isn’t relevant or just misses the mark entirely. And why “bribes” like gamification often fail

10:00 Why today is the greatest opportunity in history for delivering the right learning to the right person at the right time. Hint: it’s not about your platform, but your ability to uncover what your learners actually need

11:30 What data and evidence-based practices look like when they are used effectively, and why using analytics from learning platforms is basically a “post mortem” and why “learning needs analysis” is defunct in today’s world

14:30 How to move past the typical training request of executives and managers, to be able to identify what isn’t working, what’s the cost of not solving the problem and building training around it

18:00 Why Training-as-a-Bandaid is doomed, what to do about people —yes, CFOs included— who just want a feel good benefit, and how continuing to deliver this is corrosive to your company; and why building a “meaning” muscle dramatically grows the value of the L&D role

19:30 What collaborative learning makes possible—a process that allows L&D professionals to facilitate learning about anything in any company in any context

25:00 Why training is so often synonymous with waste the way it is delivered today; and how to get some of that time, money and effort back

28:30 Why “Analysis” is one of the hardest things to sell in training, especially to executive leadership; and why you might consider selling other things around training and simply include it in the process

33:32 How to get everyone comfortable working with numbers, and the analysis required to understand the problems that need to be solved

39:30 How to deal with pushback around change and the inevitable question from managers and staff of, “what do I do with the things I’m currently doing now?” in order to shift to data driven learning

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