How To Build A Learning Culture Through Cohort-Based Courses With Andrew Barry

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Andrew Barry, founder of Curious Lion Learning.

In this very ‘cultural’ conversation Andrew and I talk about

3:00 What a learning culture advisory group like Curious Lion does, and the origin, twists and turns Andrew has experienced over the past 5 years as the company has evolved from what he “thought” it would be to its current focus on providing Cohort Based Courses (CBC).

14:00 How a company can go from lip service to championing investing in their people by cultivating a learning culture – and the key factors that make or break success.

21:30 How recognizing and capturing shared stories are critical for creating shared purpose and building culture in an organization

24:00 Bottom up vs. Top down learning – and the pros and cons of each… and how you can leverage having a “point of view” about learning

32:00 How do you scale the CBC model in large organizations or institutions, and what are the factors for success (and typical fails)

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