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My guest for today is David Kelly, the CEO of The Learning Guild, one of the largest communities of professionals who support the design, development, strategy, and management of organizational learning. They publish numerous titles you’re probably already aware of and they are also the conveners of DevLearn, one of the most popular learning conferences out there.

In this forward looking conversation, David and I discuss:

  • What it’s like to organize and guide a membership organization with more than 68,000 members and how this necessarily requires a lot of self-organization.
  • How David found his way into training and then eventually  becoming a leader in the learning space, from his origins as a banker.
  • What is the #1 trend everyone is following in 2022. (Hint: it’s not a learning trend, but a workplace trend.) And what David has seen in terms of adaptation and innovation around this trend.
  • What “hybrid” means, how organizations and their people are evolving to accommodate this reality, and how the jury is still out about what “hybrid” will actually look like —and, indeed, the organizations themselves— when the dust finally settles.
  • What is, and will continue to be, creating the most impact among the learning development professional community, in both the near and long-term; and how we’re graded on our performance in the moment, rather than how we got here.
  • What excites David, both in terms of his personal passions, and what he thinks will make waves across the learning industry for the future. Hold onto your seat for a discussion around AI, VR and much more.

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