Listen to Your Inner Leader with Rick Lozano (Live Performance)

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My guest for today is Rick Lozano, a leadership consultant, keynote speaker and author of the book, “Acoustic Leadership: Develop A Leadership Culture That Resonates.” Rick uses music as his primary mode of communicating and helping others to grow.

In this ‘musical’ conversation, Rick and I discuss

  • Why leadership in the L&D space matters. Whether you have “leader” in your title or not, your learners will still see you in a leadership role.
  • Why leadership doesn’t have to be a big, formal, “scary” thing… And how we can shift from “fixing” others to helping them “focus” and be more effective.
  • How Rick proposes we all “rewrite the rituals” in our institutions and our lives to remove the “muck” (or dinosaurs) and respond to the actual challenges of today.
  • The illusion of time scarcity and how we play into this every day by catering to distractions and misaligned expectations.
  • The reality of “how we learn” today and how this translates into learner expectations in school and work.
  • The growing problem of false competency and the gap between concept vs. application as well as missing feedback loops.
  • How we can “RIFF”: Rewrite, Integrate, Focus and Flow our way to better learning, and why we should all rethink performance reviews!
  • We round out our conversation by discussing how you can discover your PFM (or Pure Fricken’ Magic)… And stay tuned for a live performance. That’s right!

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