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My guest for today is Dr. Monique Vanni, Senior Engagement Manager for the Strive Community—a project supported by the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth, and the Director of Research for Caribou Digital, which implements the Strive Community.

In this ‘credible’ conversation Monique and I talk about:

  • 0:00 Start — The relationship between Caribu, Strive and MasterCard and the goals of this global program
  • 03:30 The success and challenges of managing the Strive community remotely, including “archetypes” for people who thrive in virtual communities, and the challenges of training junior staff
  • 05:20 How Strive supports its community of small and medium-sized enterprises —not all of which are necessarily digitally savvy— through a network of partners; and the challenges of engaging new organizations digitally
  • 1:30 Monique’s best and worst—examples of implementation in remote training provided to partners
  • 16:55 How Strive is enabling “leapfrog” moments for their partners so that they can skip multiple steps in their evolution to delivering digitally
  • 20:00 Agility to innovate and grow, when funding sources and partners are more institutional and “rigid,” and why there might be a real generational issue that needs to be addressed
  • 27:25 To LMS or not to LMS—We end our talk with the age old conversation about the many flavors and varieties of delivering learning virtually

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