Empowerment via Community Learning with Matt Hunckler on the eLearn Podcast

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Matt Hunckler who is the founder of PowderKeg, the place to plug into tech, outside of Silicon Valley.

In this community conversation Matt and I talk about

05:00 The origins of PowderKeg through Matt’s own struggles of looking for opportunities in the tech startup space outside of Silicon Valley

07:50 How Matt chose a different path, took a pay cut and jumped on the opportunity to become a part of what is now the PowderKeg network. PS: When is the last time you took a chance to really stretch yourself and grow?

13:00 Leading back to Community, in work and Matt’s life—and how this continues to serve and fuel his vision for supporting others by sharing knowledge that can be applied immediately

24:30 How the first iteration of a community evolved into PowderKeg to provide that critical “density” of resources (i.e. talent, capital, partnerships) every company or organization needs

30:00 The importance of finding our “niche” tribes, where we can truly geek out on our passion, but also making sure we consciously seek out other experiences so that we’re consistently expanding, growing and finding our blind spots

35:00 How PowderKeg is helping to bridge the gap between HigherEd and the “jobs” world, especially in the tech space

49:00 The maturing of the digital and tech space, and how this is affecting people’s choices for where, how and whom they want to work with

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