Interpreters Between Employers Needs And Students’ Dreams With Jodi McPherson, Leah Jewell, UPSKLS On The eLearn Podcast

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In this very “advanced” conversation we talk about:

Needs assessment in the educational system; or why it seems easy to find problems, but it’s a real challenge to turn that problem into evidence of a market opportunity investors consider a worthwhile venture .

The changing landscape of the core skills sets of young people: why maybe it’s not changing fast enough, but why discussions on digital badges and “micro-credentials” are only expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Why a personalized, one-on-one approach to understanding a young professional’s expectations can be a powerful way to unlock their potential—and an amazing source of truth for employers.

Why Jodi and Leah believe there is a place for more “agents” in the educational value chain, to tackle all kinds of critical issues including apprenticeships, career management, mindset and mental health… and even school debt!

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