This No-Nonsense Online Teaching Handbook Will Make You Feel Right With Courtney Ostaff On The eLearn Podcast

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In this episode, Courtney and Ladek talk about…

Why Courtney believes teachers should “take back” their classrooms, by playing to your strengths, even if that means putting live online sessions on the back burner

We talk about why replicating the face-to-face experience online can be quite frankly impossible; and why it’s worth remembering that live video tech is, well, experimental, relative to established educational practice

We talk about the importance of “boring” for learning outcomes: Clear lists of tasks, Systematic examination and a consistent routine is going to do wonders for your students academically and emotionally. And probably for you as well

Courtney shares some tips on keeping track of outcomes and participation, turning parental supervision into family engagement; and ultimately, why great teaching is indifferent to medium, but rich in back-and-forth communication and human-focused.

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